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== Specialists ==
== Specialists ==
* Interpreter:
* Interpreter: Idaman Andarmosoko
* Designer:  
* Designer: Hanif Ikhwanto
* Documentation: X-CODE Films
* Documentation: X-CODE Films
* Transcription:
* Transcription:

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Core Organizers

  • Co-Director: Andreas Siagian, Lifepatch
  • Co-Director: Marc Dusseiller, Hackteria / SGMK
  • Curator: Grace Samboh, Hyphen
  • International Managing Director: Pei-Wen Liu, Hackteria / Playaround
  • Project Manager: Ferial Afiff, Lifepatch

Local Team

  • Field Trip Department: Agus Tri Budiarto aka Timbil, Lifepatch / Green Tech
  • Press Department: Franciscus Xaverius Agung Firmanto Budiharto aka Geger, Lifepatch / UrbanCult
  • Tech & Music Department: Julian Abraham aka Togar
  • IT Department: Budi Prakosa aka Iyok, Lifepatch
  • Transportation Department: Wawies Wisnu Wisdantio, Lifepatch
  • Management: Amarawati Ayuningtyas, Hyphen
  • Finance: OPe'e Wardany
  • Runner: Ryan Barker, Hyphen

Venue Responsibles

  • Volcano: Akbar Nur Arofatullah
  • Forest: Dedi Irawan aka Tendjo
  • River: Andreas Siagian aka Ucok
  • UGM Partner: Nur Akbar Arofatullah
  • BPR Partner: Kristi Maya Dewi Monfries
  • TempLab Infrastructure: The United Geeks (Marc, Andreas, Akbar, Iyok, Togar)
  • KKF Partner: Grace Samboh
  • (Beach): tba :-)


  • Interpreter: Idaman Andarmosoko
  • Designer: Hanif Ikhwanto
  • Documentation: X-CODE Films
  • Transcription:


We will be announcing our open call for volunteers soon!

International Team

  • Sachiko Hirosue, hackteria / BioDesign
  • Erich Berger, Finish Bioart Society (FI)
  • Gabriella Levine, sneel.co (US)
  • Sakar Pudasaini, Karkhana.asia (NP)
  • Pei-Ying Lin, BioArt.TW (TW)
  • Robertina Sebjanic (SI)

Contacts and Information requests

(Please send to all emails mentioned per matters.)

For administrative matters (letters, papers, forms, etc)

For program related matters