HackteriaLab 2014 Preparations

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Workshops @ lifepatch

As the lifepatch community is anyway doing a lot of workshops, we are already using the opportunity to inform people about the upcoming HackteriaLab. See their list of activities on the lifepatch website. We already had an evening of discussions about global multinational biotech companies, a tempeh making workshop and moist-sense synthmaking is upcoming...

SynthWorkshop.jpg Interesting crowd came tohether at the workshop "Solder Synth Sense Sore Sore Sip"

Planned a presentation with the Greentech community...

and will check out this place for youth workshops: http://www.kampunghalaman.org/home.php http://depotvideo.org/

... and found some survival tips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S90Ps1dfcSQ :-)

Preparatory Meetings

General gathering with local core team @ lifepatch HQ

Lifepatch HLab meeting1.jpg

Today we had a nice general local preparation meeting with all core people involved in HLab local preparations, Andreas Siagian, Grace Samboh, dusjagr, special guest Togar and the lifepatch members. Good to get all information across, recent developments and ideas, and start to get the next steps rolling!

Visit to UGM

UGM visit 1.jpg

UGM is one of the main partner for HackteriaLab 2014, lifepatch and hackteria has worked with them since 2009, see some impression on the hackteria website.

Exploring the City aka Yogya for Geeks

Yogya for geeks.png

To help the participants to find their way and the important places during HackteriaLab, we are working on a interactive map "Yogya for Geeks"

And see a nice list and more info on the lifepatch site