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Compac Info-Kit Print Ready to Download... coming soon

On Arrival

For those who arrives before April 13, we will be picking you up at the airport with poster announcement with bold capital typo! For those who arrives on April 13 and after, below is how you get to the Grand Surya Hotel where you will be staying. From there, you can just walk to Kedai Kebun Forum which is our main active space.

FROM ADI SUCIPTO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TO GRAND SURYA HOTEL If you are arriving with a domestic flight (either from Jakarta, Surabaya or Bandung), when you step out of the arrival gate, the official taxi stand will be on your right.

If you are arriving with international flight (either from Malaysia or Singapore), when you step out of the arrival gate, you have to turn left and walk straight ahead, passing through main entrance and all cafe stands.

It is a small stand with blue taxi sign on top, across Baskin Robbins. Request a cab there. Say that you are heading to Grand Surya Hotel, Jalan Suryodiningratan 42 B YK (about 200 meters west of Brongto Hotel). It is approximately 15,7 km (30 minutes) from the airport and it will cost you 70,000 IDR (approx. 7 USD).

Airport map.jpg

Accommodation aka Bedology


External/self organised:

  • Cilla Sambal | Add.Ngadinegara, Mantrijeron. III/110, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Wisma Ary's | Add. Jl. Suryodiningratan, 29 Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta, 55141, Indonesia
  • Other recommendation around the area: Hotel Kresna, Via-via Guesthouse, Tulip Hotel, Hotel Indrakila, Grand Rosela, Eclipse Hotel

Main Venues


KEDAI KEBUN FORUM(5 minutes walk) Jalan Tirtodipuran No 3 http://goo.gl/C9fBKf

RUMAH LIFEPATCH (15 minutes walk) Bugisan Selatan, Gumuk Indah RT 13 RW 36 http://goo.gl/NidUlf

HYPHEN’S GROUND (15 minutes walk) Jalan Patehan Lor 12, Yogyakarta http://goo.gl/dOAyzJ

MICROBIOLOGY MAJOR (15 minutes by cab, approx. 50.000 IDR/5 USD) AGRICULTURAL FACULTY OF GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY Jalan Flora, Kompleks Bulaksumur http://goo.gl/z58SFH

BUMI PEMUDA RAHAYU (40 minutes by cab, approx. 100.000 IDR/10 USD) Dlingo, Imogiri https://goo.gl/maps/rZ6cP

  • Emergency Contact (Indonesian/English Speaker) :
    • Andreas
    • Ferial
    • Mara +62 896 7180 1546
  • Emergency Contact (General/International) :
    • Marc Dusseiller +62 878 3917 5223 (Indonesia)
    • Kristi

Local Transportation

  • HLab14 will organise transporation for field trip, group activities etc, and as well, encouraging our proactive participants to organise their own daily-going-around, so to avoid any forms of baby sitting. We will have few of communal motorbikes available on site, and recommend the frequent users to rent their own, yes, be nice to ware helmet and have a driving licese.
  • walking is always the best way to discovery the place for a shorter distance
  • maybe its too hot for riding a bicycle?
  • rental motorbike with gears 50,000IDR per day /or/ scotter for 5,000 - 10,000IDR more per day
  • Trishaws/Becak/Horse Carts
  • Detail info >>

Public transportation (bus and minibus) are almost impossible. For more convenient short stay in Yogyakarta, do travel with taxis as they are affordable and easy to get. It is rare to catch a cab on the street by waving your hand. It is much easier to just call the taxi company and have one sent to wherever you are.

LOCAL TAXI NUMBERS Jas taxi +62 274 373737 Sadewa taxi +62 274 414343 Asa taxi +62 274 545545 Indrakelana taxi +62 274 563910 Centris taxi +62 274 544977 Tambayo taxi +62 274 699800

To rent a motorbike, is also easy. Please contact Wawies if you need one.


It is great if your number is on here and functional. Please send your fullname in a text message to Mara +6289671801546 so that we have your mobile numbers.

For those who cannot use their SIM cards, within this package we’re giving you one for free. You’ll have to register them first, here’s how to do it:

To use them, of course you have got to buy credit. Please ask Mara for this voucher buying procedure. If you need to activate 3G for Internet, please buy the 100,000 IDR credit so that you don’t have to buy more until you leave.

For 3G use with your new SIM card, actually there are so many package options from the provider. But to keep things simple and easy, you can take our suggestion and pick this SUPER NGEBUT package (for 11GB use in the next 30 days after you activated it). This package will cost you 55.000 IDR (approx. 5,5 USD).

Follow these instructions to activate your 3G:

If what you need is a micro or nano SIM card, here’s a stencil to cut your cards to the desirable sizes. (get in contact with Ferial/Mera)


Free wireless Internet connection are almost everywhere (in restaurants, malls, cafes, etc) and of course available in all of our active venues (except the ecological fields). Due to the limited infrastructure, mostly all of those places only provide up to 3mbps download and upload.


Yogya for geeks.png

To help the participants to find their way and the important places during HackteriaLab, we are working on a interactive map "Yogya for Geeks"

Prepare Your Trip


We finalised the dates of HLab14 main phase to 13/14 - 25 April, 2014. One of the reason is due to the european academic calendar of easter holiday. participants are always welcome to arrive/leave 2, 3 days earlier and later ~

no matter which corner of the global you will be departing, direct connection to Yogyakarta could be pricy. To break down your trip with available low cost airlines could be an option, following prices are return fare, search down in Dec 2013, outbound : 13 April 2014 & Inbound : 26 April 2014

Option 1: Singapore < > Yogyakarta (YOG)

TigerAir // http://www.tigerair.com/sg/en / via Jakarta, approx. 100 - 120 Euro

LionAir // www.lionair.co.id / direct, approx. 75 Euro

Option 2: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) < > Yogyakarta (YOG)

AirAsia // http://www.airasia.com approx. 110 Euro

LionAir // www.lionair.co.id / approx. 125 Euro

Option 3: Jakarta (JAR) < > Yogyakarta (YOG)

http://www.garuda-indonesia.com / approx. 100 - 120 Euro

www.lionair.co.id / approx. 25 - 70 Euro

Indonesia Train, 9h slow ride from JAR - YOG / one-way approx. 5 - 25 Euro here are some tips : http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?threadID=2286571 timetable & booking : http://flights.indonesiamatters.com/train-timetable-indonesia/#jy

(if you like to book train, LifePatch can help, pls get in contact directly)

~ and please do inform Pei /vul3jp6p_AT_gmail_DOT_com/ of your confirmed itinerary so to plan our advance bedology ;')


  • Nations with 30 days | woa visa-on-arrival at major ports, do prepare 25USD cash in hand on arrival.
  • Nationas who are not listed at visa-on-arrival require | visiting visa, be aware the process may take up one month or longer.
  • Extension of another 30 days to the visa (the voa) can be relatively easily done by going to the Yogya Immigrasi office, near the airport. It usually needs 2-3 visits and waiting time, cost is 250'000 Rp. Overstay fine is 200'000 per day, so be there on time... Generally early morning is best. Cashier counter can be randomly closed, cos of lunch breaks, prayer times or anything else.

Airport Tax

  • For departing with domestic flight is 30,000IDR
  • For departing with International flight is 100,000IDR


Recommended Immunizations, | Vaccines and Medicines for



Not So Trivial Tips for Indonesia

  • Power Source - 220~240V/60Hz, PlugType C, F (as similar to EU)
  • Currency on 03. Feb 2014 - 1EURO:16,500IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)/ 0.74CHF:10,000IDR

Yogyakarta in General

Common Street Food

  • generally between 3,000 IDR - 15,000 IDR ($0.57 – $1.72)
  • NASI AYAM - Chicken Rice /or/ NSAI AYAM BUBUR - Chicken Rice Gruel
  • SOTO AYAM - Chicken Rice Soup /or/ SOTO - a form of delicious Soup
  • MATARBAK - Pancake with Egg on top
  • BOKSO BANTOL - Meatball noodle soup
  • NASI - Rice
  • BIHUN - Rice Noodle
  • MIE - Noodle
  • UDANG (shrimp), KEPITING (crab), GURAME (fish), CUMI (squid)
  • SAPI (beef), AYAM (Chicken)
  • TAHU (tofu), TEMPE (soybean bread)
  • Various Sambal (spicy sauce), PEDAS (spicy), ASEM (sour spicy)
  • SOMAY - Small Dumpling
  • GADO-GADO - Salad (ini pedas - no chilli please)
  • RAWON - Special Beef Soup
  • Kuei - Fried/Stream Rice Cake
  • SOP SAYURAN - Vegetables Soup
  • SOP BUAH - Fruit with Herb Jelly and coco milk sweets soup... hmmmm...yummmy
  • Vegan - Loving Hut Express @ Jl. Moses Gatotkaca A18, Mrican, Gejayan, Yogyakarta

What to wear?

  • for those who plan to camp at forest, light camping gears and good walk shoes are recommended.
  • otherwise the outfit of semi-tropical urban activitst could be the style for day in day out.
  • slipper, hat, rain coat/umbrella & mobile lab efficiency be also good.

Daily Living

  • your own way of avoiding mosquito
  • Should we tell them anything about the rats? at least don't tell anything to roro :-)