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Finally the second HackteriaLab will take place this summer in Romainmôtier, Switzerland. HackteriaLab 2011 will be comprised of two sections. The first being the creative development and research phase of the „Retreat“ at L'Arc, Romainmôtier (VD) and the second a „Reflection“ comprising the public dissemination and communication events in Yverdon, Lausanne and Zurich as the culmination of the retreat. A highly interdisciplinary and multicultural group of artists and scientists will collaborative work and share their knowledge with various networks of local artists and institutions and a public audience.

HackteriaLab 2011 | The Retreat

The event starts with a 7 days workshop/lab with invited international and local artists/scientists/biohackers (approx 10-15 people). During that time we can collaborate, discuss and work on ideas about DIY biology, ArtScience, BioHacking, Microscopy, NanoBio etc…

HackteriaLab 2011 Participants

A list-in-progress of all participants, guests and remote collaborators can be found here HackteriaLab 2011 Participants

HackteriaLab 2011 Schedule

During the hackteria lab, we will be working mostly in the monastery

Apart from all the fun of making stuff there should be a regular series of events where we 'connect'. Suggestions include;

 - Morning assemblies; starting each day by sharing what we did the day before and ideas for the coming day.
 - Microworkshops; anyone who has an idea or technique they want to share.
 - Led half or full day sessions; would anyone be interested in running a day long workshop? could we run a series of these?
 - Lunch is taken together and we use it as a time for discussion and exchange.
 - Evening presentations; anyone who wants to show work, tell a story, share a video.

We should consider how we keep the kids involved.

Another option is to run the lab with 'nodes'. In the workspace are a series of distinct workspaces. For example; the microscopy zone, the micro-fluidics zone, the DIY lab zone, etc etc. People could choose in which node to focus their work either on a daily basis or for the duration of the lab. Each node would require a node 'leader'.

HackteriaLab 2011 Commons

On the HackteriaLab 2011 Commons we can discuss different topics of interest, share information and links, collect code and collaborate in the future.

HackteriaLab 2011 Material/Tools

On the HackteriaLab 2011 Material page we can plan and collect more information about the material the participants will bring in and also what still needs to be ordered. During the hackteria workshop/lab there will be a large collection of materials and tools available, including some living microorganisms, lab gear, nanoparticles, cameras, lasers and general electronic and mechanical parts, to be used/shared by all the participants.

Andy will be coming directly from China. If anyone wants any cheap, weird, interesting Chinese electronic stuff let me know and I'll see if I can find it in the electronics markets and bring it over.

HackteriaLab 2011 Playground

Due to our participant of the genus "juvenile human being" we will have child care to support us during the hackteria lab. more information about the HackteriaLab 2011 Playground can be found here.

Laboratory area for kids in the same space as our own workspace. With microscopes and means for catching and storing organisms and samples. Drawing and painting materials for keeping logs, notebooks and sketchbooks for what they've found and explored.

Use these playful experiments as a basis for dedicated Hackteria kids workshops.

HackteriaLab 2011 Homestay

We will provide suitable accomodation for all international participants. Please read here >>

HackteriaLab 2011 The Cook

Monica is suggesting that, if we don't employ a dedicated cook, that we have a system of turns of taking care of feeding everyone. If we have 2 or 3 people who are prepared to co-ordinate the buying and preparation of food, and everyone takes responsibility for cleaning it could work out. Maybe breakfasts would be everyone helping themselves, lunch would be something prepared, and evenings communal barbeque type stuff.

Absinthe will also probably be necessary.

Location / Romainmôtier

L'Arc - Littérature et atelier de réflexion contemporaine

Until we work out how to embed a GoogleMap here's a link - http://bit.ly/iDPPQM

Official Site L'Arc

How to get there

As you can imagine the Retreat will happen in a remote area in the Swiss Jura mountains. So its not too easy to find travel information through international ticket sites. In case you organise your travel, just make sure you get to Switzerland from the right direction and arrive in one of the nearby major cities, such as Geneva from the south, or Basel/Zürich form the North and West. Also local train fares are quite expensive without special residency tickets, so we will provide a minibus to collectively pick you up and drive you to the monastry.

Collective transportation by mini-bus from Zürich/Basel/Yverdon to Romainmotier

By train

check SBB / DB

1. Zurich < arrive on 27th >

2. Yverdon-les-Bains < arrive on 28th > If arrive your own, pls see sample route SBB :

  • Basel SBB ab13:03 > Yverdon-les-Bains an14:54
  • Yverdon-les-Bains ab15:19 > Cossonay an15:39
  • Cossonay ab15:45 > Croy-Romainmôtier an16:01
  • Croy-Romainmôtier (bus 5221) ab16:02 > Romainmôtier, église << ----- final bus stop

By airplane

Either you fly to Geneva on 28th, Basel or Zurich on 27th. and stay overnight in Zürich. we'll drive together on the 28th to Romainmotier.

HackteriaLab 2011 | The Reflection / Visits

Location / Lausanne (EPFL)

Location / Yverdon-Les-Bains (Maison d'Ailleurs)

Location / Zürich (Walcheturm)

HackteriaLab 2011 - Zürich Homestay

Most of us will live in the neighborhood of Langstrasse, in Kreis 4 aka Kreis Chaib and Kreis 5

My appartment is on Schöneggstr. 34


and there is lots of bars, restaurants, brothels, playgrounds, galleries and all your heart can wish...

HackteriaLab 2011 Mail List

setting up soon...

PR Material


Partners and Supporters

The HackteriaLab 2011 is organised by the International Hackteria Society, in collaboration with Walcheturm, Atelier Nord, Kapelica Gallery, Maison d'Ailleurs and the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society. The project is supported by Migros Kulturpozent, KulturRaum Schaffhausen, dusjagr labs, National Center for Biological Science, India (NCBS), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore


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Co-production partners

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