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Optical Mouse Sensor

Can we detect and measure flow in microchannels with that?

Optical mouse sensor.png

Optical Mouse Cam Bidouille.org | Electronics for the people

this post explains how to hack an optical mouse, using an arduino to connect directly to the Avago optical flow sensor, ADNS-2051, File:ADNS2051.pdf. It includes a java program to see the video output of the optical mouse sensor, the program needs a special rxtx library for serial communication: RXTX

Insect-Inspired Optical-Flow Navigation Sensors NASA techbriefs

This NASA paper describes how the optical mouse sensor can be used to measure the optical flow and be used for navigation of flying robots. File:NASA-techbrief optical mouse.pdf

different chips




First experiments by dusjagr

Ihr findet einige infos zu meinen kürzlichen experimenten auf meiner website: