Hacked Hard-disc Centrifuge

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Fast spinning hard drives in a solid aluminium housing are perfect for making small DIY centrifuges...


HDD Bengt.jpg

Bengt's 7200 rpm IBM Deskstar with lasercut holder for 2 x 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes and 2 x 200 ul Eppendorf PCR tubes.
Needs tape to hold tubes down and preferably a box around it to avoid getting hit by flying tubes...

HDD GaudiLabs1.jpg

First GaudiLabs version of a hard drive centrifuge based on 3D printed tube holder. 3D printing is not precise enough for high speed applications...

HDD GaudiLabs2.jpg

Second try using laser cut acrylic parts. Now upgraded with a nice LCD display.
Ordered a appropriate driver: Electronic motor control for hopyy cars...

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