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GlobalLAMP Paris


Collaborative Developement of Isothermal Amplification & Devices
June 11. - 19, 2022 Paris

Scope of the Project:
Quantitative real-time DNA amplification is at the heart of either diagnosing infectious disease or any section of biology research. Use of these devices has been limited due its cost and availability, therefore, refuting to elaborate and end-point methods like gel-electrophoresis. This project will change accessibility and affordability of this device to specially low-income countries either for POC or teaching purposes. Furthermore, the core of the project includes researchers and collaborators from diverse geographical backgrounds, professional expertise and socioeconomic origins, either at the development stage or at the end-user level at the next phases.

- Francisco Javier Quero
- Urs Gaudenz
- Shingo Hisakawa
- Ganga Chinna Rao Devarapu
- Harry Akligoh
- Smitha S Hegde (remote)
- Marc Dusseiller (remote)