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Inspired by the workshop held by Arnont Nongyao during ROŠA - Regional Open Science Hardware & Art, Indonesia. See more info about GBMN - Gentle but make noise and on Arnont's website

GBMN Advanced Workshopology

Allow me to share an observation from our workshop in Yogyakarta, where we ignited our electronic sound art and noise workshop by drilling holes into wooden canvases. This simple act captivated participants from the outset, including individuals who might never have ventured into the realm of electronics. Nopel, for instance, who graced us with his presence, may not have otherwise explored the wonders of electronics. Yet, by employing his trusty drill, he was filled with unwavering enthusiasm.

Reflecting on those GBMN workshops after experiencing it first time in Yogya and then dusjagr's "reproduction" of the method in Maribor. Marc Dusseiller, Arnont Nongyao, Monika Pocrnjić.

Revised and summarized by chatGPT

In this transcendent dialogue, Marc, Arnont, and Monika engage in a profound exploration of the workshopology realm. Inspired by Arnont's "GBMN - gentle but make noise" workshop, Marc attempted to recreate its essence in Maribor. Monika reflects on the workshop's enigmatic nature, characterized by self-organization and a departure from traditional mentorship dynamics. Arnont shares his journey, learning electronics through his mentor's unorthodox approach and embracing the beauty of simplicity.

The significance of crafting materials emerges as a central theme, with Arnont emphasizing the importance of locality and personalization. Monika highlights the rarity of individual expression in traditional electronics workshops, while Marc contemplates the workshop's unique start with painting and drawing before delving into electronics. The method's resonance with old-fashioned three-dimensional craftsmanship, reminiscent of a bygone era, captivates Arnont.

In their closing reflections, Marc, Monika, and Arnont share personal anecdotes, illustrating their journeys in the realm of electronics. Marc's background in material science and engineering led him to embrace simple electronics for over a decade. Monika's fascination with disassembling objects propelled her towards arts education and a lasting passion for electronics. Arnont's teenage exposure to electronics and his pursuit of simplicity shaped his artistic path. Through their profound exchange, they cultivate a deeper understanding of the workshop's transformative power.

Original recorded discussion

Listen to our discussion:

See transcript here:

GBMN Zine publication

Revised GBMN Zine / playbook, English

Revised English Version, printed in Chiang Mai

Bi-lingual kons publication of "GBMN workshop journey" Zine Eng/Slo

Final publication from the kons labbook series

This booklet describes a journey of learning from each other’s workshop methodologies with a specific example of “GBMN – Gentle But Make Noise”, a creative sound and electronics workshop, developed by Arnont Nongyao and reproduced and reflected upon by Marc Dusseiller.

Gentle But Make Noise (GBMN) journey (GBMN workshop journey by Arnont & Marc). This is an experimental sound workshop about “How to make a simple noise generator by pencil drawing or LDR sensor and a simple electronic circuit on the local materials”, participants found local objects (plastic bottles, wood, paper, etc) and made simple noise generators on the objects as unique instruments. After that we are playing GBMN together.

Workshop in Zurich, May 2023

The 5th GBMN workshop in Zurich at Bitwascherei Hackerspace was organized by Maya Minder and Marc, almost all of the participants are female and also my wife Dung, the energy of the workshop is changing and different from other GBMN workshops

Workshop in Kulturni Inkubator, Maribor, Jan 2023

The Workshop "Nežen, a hrupen | delavnica"

V Inkubatorju se bo odvila delavnica izdelave zanimivega DIY zvočila, ki ga je razvil Arnont Nongyao, eksperimentalni umetnik iz Chiangmaija na Tajskem. Instrument, ki ga bomo izdelovali težko opišemo, je njegov razvoj med drugim utrl pot za ustvarjanje zvočnih orodij, ki so pametna, prilagodljiva, divja in enostavna, tudi za začetnike v elektroniki. Primerna je za vse, ki ste starejši od 16 let in vas zanima zvok, elektronika in DIY vragolije.

Delavnico bo v angleščini izvajal Marc Dusseiller.

See event post on fbook.

The "Contraptions"

What the f* are we doing here?

Arnont workshop schema2 01.jpg

Transistor reflections with Borut Savski

Transitor reflections v1.jpgTransitor reflections v2.jpg

Other examples of single transistor oscillators

Youtube singleTransistorBlink.jpg


Dr. Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr


Marc Dusseiller, Center for Alternative Coconut Research & member of Hackteria

Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He performs DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops in lo-fi electronics and synths, hardware hacking for citizen science and DIY microscopy. He also loves coconuts. He was co-organizing Dock18, Room for Mediacultures, diy* festival (Zürich, Switzerland), KIBLIX 2011 (Maribor, Slovenia), workshops for artists, schools and children as the former president (2008-12) of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society, SGMK and co-founder of the new Hackerspace collective Bitwäscherei (2020) in Zürich. He has worked as guest faculty and mentor at various schools, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IN), UCSB (USA) and in Switzerland, FHNW, HEAD, ETHZ. In collaboration with Kapelica Gallery, he has started the BioTehna Lab in Ljubljana (2012 - 2013), an open platform for interdisciplinary and artistic research on life sciences. Currently, he is developing means to perform bio- and nanotechnology research and dissemination, Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art, in a DIY / DIWO fashion in kitchens, ateliers and in the Majority World. He was the co-organizer of the different editions of HackteriaLab 2010 - 2020 Zürich, Romainmotier, Bangalore, Yogyakarta and Klöntal, Okinawa and collaborated on the organisation of the BioFabbing Convergence, 2017, in Geneva and the Gathering for Open Science Hardware, GOSH! 2016, Geneva & 2018, in Shenzhen.

Arnont Nongyao - Thailand

Arnont Nongyao


Arnont Nongyao lives in Chiangmai (TH) - Ho Chi Minh city (VN) and He is an artist interested and fell in love with the vibration of things. He likes listening to everything that inspires him to do experimental sound art. The most important teacher “the master Khvay Loeung "inspired him to listen and “destroy yourself from being yourself” .-.. .. ... - . -. -.-- --- ..- .-. ... . .-.. ..-.

Born in Bangkok, works and lives in Chiangmai (TH) - Ho Chi Minh city (VN). Arnont is working with various and different media includes sound, video, installation, site specific, public art etc. Arnont’s work is engage with his interest in vibration; he works on diverse art experimental projects, vibration-related.

Arnont has been interested and research into sound with concentration on vibration, so most of his works are differently experimental and relative to vibration in order to search for the value of vibration derived from connected things, such as human beings, objects and society. His works are involved in a specific space and audience’s participation. They are also connected with the mode of listening/hearing in a social situation, and with how people interact with and participate in sound. Moreover, also he is Co-Director of Aesthetics of Error ( Chiang Mai Collective) with Thatchatham Silsupan and Pathompong Manakitsomboon that is a group of sound artists & musician working on sound art & experimental music in Chiangmai.

Some of his selected exhibitions include solo exhibition “Sphere”, SAC Art lap, Chiang Mai, Thailand(2018).“Another Sound” co-work with Khvay Loeung, Sa Sa Art projects, Phnom Penh and Chiang Mai, Cambodia - Thailand (2018). and group exhibitions “Opera of Kard”, Singapore Biennale 2019, Singapore. “Currents 2019”, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. “A Visiblelity Matrix”, The Secession 2019, Vienna, Austria. Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, Bangkok, Thailand. “Postcripts” Bangkok Biennale, Bangkok, Thailand (2018).“Unstable(ry) Life”, 2016, Manif d’art, Quebec, Canada. 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015: Test Exposure, Wroclaw, Poland, TRANCE at Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand (2014). PROXIMITY, part of inSPIRACJE International at 13 MUZ, Szczecin, Poland (2014).

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