Empanadas & Fondue - Why Do We Gather, Buenos Aires

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"Coming together is a beginning,

Keeping together is progress,

Working together is success."

<-- This is part of dusjagr's LatamTrip24

Why Do We Gather?


We invite you to join us for a focused group discussion and mind-picking around the theme of "Why Do We Gather?" and a following evening of sharing prototypes of art, technology and music with food and drinks.


WDWG-BA fondue.jpg

We meet at Laura's house in barrio Núñez for the discussion and food. ping us for adress.

Online Dialogue: https://island.hackteria.org/


Saturday, 11 May 2024 (all times are in UTC-3)

  • 14:00 Welcome
  • 15:00 Start of Focus Group Discussion "Encontrarse en la esquina"
  • 15:30 Online Moderated Dialogue with remote participants
  • 16:30 In-Person Reflections and Sharing of Experiences around Gatherings
  • 18:00 Wrap-up


  • 19:00 DIY and Art Hardware Music Showcase using open technologies and jam-session
  • 20:30 Empanadas & Fondue



WDWG-BA groupPhoto.jpg

Laura Olalde (Host and co-organizer)

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (Moderator and co-organizer

acvite discussants

  • Ale Nadra (molecular biologist and gosh)
  • Nico Mendez (biologist and gosh)
  • Jorge Crowe (educator e-waste electronics geek)
  • Nico Restbergs (DIY electronics geek)
  • Flavia Laudado (educator, e-waste DIY electronics geek)
  • Juan Miceli (clay, artist collectives)
  • Laura Vázquez (pianist / singer)
  • Andrea Keating (wise doer and painter)

More people joined a bit later in the discussion....

  • Heidi Jalkh
  • Martin Pavlovsky

Online Global Dialogue UTC 18:30

RemoteDialogue LifepatchView.jpg

Online Dialogue: https://island.hackteria.org/

remote: Franciscus Xaverius Agung ‘Geger’ Firmanto Budiarto

Live from Lifepatch - citizen initiative in art, science and technology

remote: Paula Pin

Live from Bio-Translab, Lugo, Spain

moderator: on site in BS


Group discussion

Reflections and summaries

Further readings and context

“The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters”, a title of an interesting book by Priya Parker.

Quote: "The comings together of friends, family, and co-workers have the potential to change the way we connect, the way we understand ourselves and one another, and the way we live. Yet, too often, we’re on autopilot using the same tired formats. We forget to plan for, or fail to even consider, the human connection at the center of it all — the real magic behind a successful group event. I began noting that so much of our gathering intelligence and culture focuses on stuff — “the food is perfect” or “wow, what a beautiful venue.” — while the ingredients for a connective collective moment were lacking. What if we first designed a gathering where guests were brought together in a meaningful way, and then we filled in the logistics?"

Download this little guide to get an idea: File:PP-NewRules-112723.pdf


nongkrong is an Indonesian slang term from Jakarta and means “hanging out together”. Casual conversation and togetherness, but also the sharing of time, ideas or food are anchored in this term. For ruangrupa, but also for the majelis of the lumbung members, nongkrong is an important practice.

majelis is a term for a gathering or meeting. In person or digitally, regular majelis are an important tool of the lumbung network to exchange ideas and projects. mini-majelis are smaller gatherings, while majelis akbar (mega majelis) is a larger gathering between lumbung members, lumbung artists and other participants of documenta fifteen.

From glossary of documenta fifteen

“Nongkrong and Non-Productive Time in Yogyakarta’s Contemporary Arts"

Encontrarse en la esquina

More info coming soon...

GOSH Framework for Running Community Events,

Started a discussion on the GOSH forum about it.

In this guide you will find a compilation of lessons learned from running GOSH global events since 2016, by the GOSH community 1 . It is our intention that this guide becomes a useful tool for those running regional or local GOSH events in the future. You may be part of a regional GOSH network, planning your next community event. Or maybe you recently joined GOSH and you want to run a GOSH-like gathering at your community space or university. Whatever type of event you are planning, the content of this guide will help you align it to the values in the GOSH Manifesto, leveraging the GOSH spirit!

Link to the full guide: https://openhardware.science/gosh-community-events-framework/


Interactivos? is a research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology focused on the collective creation using open hardware and open software. It’s goal is to experiment with the use of electronics and software for artistic design and educational projects, thus contributing to the development of communities of cultural producers in this field. ... “Citizen science” can serve to explore questions such as: How are the foods we eat made? What possibilities exist in biogenetic research? What is the code that makes the machines we use work? How are those machines manufactured? ... Interactivos?'09 aims to explore these practices, where art, science and technology meet. We invite the participants to turn medialab into a garage laboratory where low-cost, accessible materials are used to develop objects and installations that combine software, hardware and biology.


The Next Layer or: The Emergence of Open Source Culture

Quote: Open Source Culture is about creating new things, be they software, artefacts or social platforms. It therefore embraces the values inherent to any craft and it cherishes the understanding and mastery of the materials and the production processes involved. Going beyond craftmanship and being 'open source', it advocates free access to the means of production (instead of just "ownership" of them). Creativity is not just about work but about playfulness, experimentation and the joy of sharing. In Open Source Culture everybody has the chance to create immaterial and material things, express themselves, learn, teach, hear and be heard.

Draft text for Pixelache publication, Armin Medosch, London/Vienna 2006 - 2007