Day 3: Ganzfeld Experiment

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Ganzfeld Experiment:

Day 3, and we are ready for our first experiment. We chose to do the Ganzfeld experiment in groups of two. This experience was quite remarkable. Although the success rate was not substantial (30% accuracy being the average) we were able to use the results to test the efficiency of the experiment. The coincidental similarities in each group was evident, where one person thinks of an object while the other undergoes the experiment. After having used yellow as well as red light, we decided maintaining the distance between the user and the light is essential, red being the more effective colour for the experiment. My group comprised of Fakhi and I. In both our case studies we came very close to others' diagram, finding channels that would help us guess the object better. We managed to successfully conduct the experiment and it is, evidently, a very good way of vitalizing the senses of the subject.