DSSC Laser sonic art with Neutone

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This page documents a system to generate a sonification process that using dye sensitized solar cell as "photophone" to convert laser projection on dye sensitized solar cell glass to audio outputs. Solar cells can be used for energy harvesting and also light sensor. And because the solar panel has big surface area, it can also be used as photosensitive sensor to recognize graphical projection patterns. The system is mainly composed with the signal sender (laser projector) and the receiver (DSSC glass applied with a AI filter) as a light communication and a sonicfication system. DSSC can be dyed to different color with natural dyes and the TiO2 layer can be paternized with screen printing technique, therefore potentially it can be used to recognize visual images like CMOS.

Max/msp patch with Neutone VST for DSSC laser audiovisual designed by Shih Wei Chieh.
A simple diagram of the laser sonicfication process with the dye sensitized solar glass.

What is Neutone"

Neutone is a 3rd-party developed AI audio filter for sound designer: Neutone makes AI technologies accessible for all to experiment with. You'll find transformative AI audio instruments that will spark endless creative possibilities. Neutone is a go-to platform for you to share real-time AI audio processing models with potential users in the audio production community.

In this experiment, Neutone is used as a VST in Max/MSP to filter the laser signal. In the video below, the raw laser signals and filtered signals are compared. The Neutone AI model is triggered by the laser optical signals which is converted to audio signals by the DSSC. In other words, DSSC is functioning here as a "photophone", which acts as the main tool to make the sonicfication.