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Akbar's new shit

MICAM developments


E. Coli microcolony observation using D.I.Y Webcam Microscope - MICAM v 3.1

a. Microcolony counting experiments...

Microcolony Counting.png

b. Microcolony observation...

DIY - Horizontal Shaker using Car Wiper Motor

DIY - Vortex Mixer

Temp Logger

coming soon...

Bubble Loggers

Analog version, with hacked 7 segment ubercircuit


Let's try to make one more versatile using the pure ATMEGA, similar to the design of Robin' Incubator thing:

only that 4-digit 7 segment display we cant find using local sources in Yogya.

dusjagr's recent stuff

New turbidity meters

Nyamuk synth v02.jpg

see more on DIY turbidity meters on another page, it's all based on the BabyGnusbuino


Urs' crazy shit

DIY NanoDrop


General thoughts and discussion

generally we are looking into various locally producible ultra-low-cost lab-automation and monitoring systems during the next weeks of HackteriaLab

i am thinking a lot about a ultra-radically simple and cheap arduino-compatible general purpose logger, sensor-board, relay control... like the fermento, but expand to other application than temp-control. also adding direct usb support, like the leonardo, or adding at least v-usb logging to excel. the local biologists would love to have some data on their laptops, at the moment, still a lot is notes in a notebook, which have to be typed into pc later... and somehow getting a bit off the baby these days, not enough pins for adding minimal displays, such as 7-seg etc...

meega... thomas, thanks for the link, we looked at the trinket a few times (call it a babygusbuino-clone :-), it's more or less the same as the baby, pin-use is a bit more stupid and they left the reset intact. but they dont need that avr-dude hack, which still makes the baby less useful at the moment. and not yet a midi-device. but seems to work also as a HID-keyboard for logging.

it's not as small as michi's first baby though...

Fermento Modds

Fermento top.png

Let's try some adaptation to Robin's Fermento (incubator control) he made for

keep the simplicity of the design, using the atmega328 and the 4 digit display, 2 buttons, but new applications, such as the bubble logger, frequency counter and other basic analog measurements.


Which i plan to measure and display the frequency of the fish! see more about Fish-Hacking

Sonifikasi banner.png

Fermento Modds Arduino Code

Fermento Modds Arduino Code

Other simple Arduino-cloned loggers and sensor

Maybe we can add v-usb support to the fermento? so we can send data to excell?

or modify it to use the leonarda hardware? chip is only smd..



A ridiculously small Arduino with USB interface for bootloading and/or MIDI connection, based on the gnusb / Gnusbuino project by a n y m a

Really bare-bones, no protection, no FTDI chip, single-sided PCB, no holes. The USB connector is directly etched on the board, so you actually plug in the PCB itself to upload a new sketch to the Arduino.

Sonifikasi Ikan

I am currently exploring the sonification of weakly electric fish, such as the Black Ghost Knifefish, partially cos it's fun (see ENKI, by Tony Hall). but there is examples of using the frequency analysis to monitor water quality

FishHacking.JPGFish oscilloscopeNew.pd- - -home-dusjagr-Documents-pd 311.png

See more about Fish-Hacking

Further Ideas

Flow Cytometry

Merapi Volcano remote monitoring system

  • Solar powered IP camera (LOS 30 km Wifi/ GSM/ CDMA connection)
  • Online Temperature, Moisture and Ph logger using multiple sensor
  • Drones
  • 30 km LoS wifi connection

Lab Automation

  • Fermentation Bubble Logger
  • Temperature Logger for Cocoa bean fermentation (multiple DS18B20 temperature sensor)
  • User Friendly Logger Software Interface
  • High resolution Dissecting Microscopes
  • Automatic watering system using Timer Switch, Moisture Sensor and self priming water pump
  • Online Greenhouse Monitoring System
  • Algae bioreactor