DIY: Wine

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The ingredients are fairly simple and subjective to change depending on ones taste.

GRAPE JUICE: Enough freshly squeezed grape juice to fill the bottle(s) of your choice. FLAVORING & YEAST: For 1 bottle – 1 cm of ginger, honey for sweetening (to taste), 2 cinnamon barks, 1 flat tablespoon of bakers yeast.

Boil grape guice, ginger and cinnamon. Add honey to cut the sharpness and sweeten to taste. Strain out the cinnamon barks and ginger and let the juice cool down. When it is lukewarm, activate yeast (mix in a small amount of warm water and let rest for a minute ) and pour it into the juice. Fill into a bottle (NOT the one you plan on serving it in) and keep in a dark cool place. Check after a week, there should be a thick brown foam at the top. Remove it without letting it mix in with the wine. This can be done either with a decanter or a fine muslin cloth strainer. Pour wine back in container. Repeat process weekly for a month. One last fine strain, then bottle, chill and serve.