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The Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kauai --- or any of the other Hawaiian islands for that matter --- are not connected via bridge, which makes transporting a vehicle from one island to other a tad about a complication. Fortunately there are corporations in Hawaii that will move your vehicle from Maui to Kauai to you --- for some fee. All you boast to do is make some reservation and pay the fee associated together with interisland vehicle transport.

Difficulty: Effortless Instructions

1 Speak to any Hawaiian vehicle cargo company, these kinds of whereas Juvenile Brothers or Magic Carpet Auto Transport, to make some reservation to transport your vehicle.

2 Make available the Shipping Companies shipping firm together with your name, the name about the person you need to pick up your car on Kauai --- no one but this person is permitted to pick awake your vehicle --- the year, make, plus design about your vehicle, the VIN, plus the license plate number.

3 Designate some shipment date and tell the shipping company that is you're shipping your car away from Maui to Kauai.

4 Gather your automobile insurance policy info, registration and your identification. Decline off your vehicle at the shipping corporation's address and provide the business together with your insurance, registration and ID. You may well pay for your shipment at this point or after you pick up your car on Kauai.