CO2 Soil Respiration Chamber

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Developed during the RandeLab Soil Retreat as part of the HUMUS.Sapiens research phase and discussed on the forum.

See Hackteria Website

CO2 soil chambers


Further developments during dusjagr's residency at Lifepatch June - August 2018

IMG 20180616 122121.jpg

PVC pipe Chambers

Wiring diagram

CO2-BambooBox WiringSchema.jpg

RandeChamber aka Kilju Chamber

RandeSoilChamber.jpgKiljuChamber laserCut.jpg

Failed PCB...

KiljuBox SZ-Ready.pngCO2 littleBox digitalMockUp.png

Soil Geeking @ Lifepatch with Matt

Great opportunity to do some testing and sharing of protocols with Matthew Daniel from Global Urban Forest. This turned out to be a great little gathering of overlapping networks from GOSH, our-sci, hackteria and the local soil, gardening and permaculture geeks around Lifepatch.

Testing trials in lifepatch garden

Screenshot 2018-06-19-17-24-23-271

Early Experiments

First Prototypes

First CO2 setup MH-Z19.jpgFirst CO2 soil trial MH-Z19.jpg

Comparing sensors and chambers

Using the Our-Sci Platform

IMG 20180419 172702 HDR.jpg

Our-sci dataPlot.png

More about CO2 sensors:

See RandeLab GitHub for Arduino / Teensy codes

Nondispersive infrared sensor

MH-Z16, available with an I2C board:


MH-Z19 working.jpg

This page is about the MH-Z19 CO2 sensor and some experiments done with it:

Using the MH-Z19 CO2 sensor PWM readout, simple arduino code:

More on ABC, Automatic Baseline Correction

Immerhin kann man den Sensor per Hd-Pin (7s gegen GND) auf 400ppm (Außenluft) eichen.


CCS BME combo

2017-03-25T20-47-46.605Z-BME280 CCS811.jpg

This one I ordered 2.... but check I2C adress. and connect "WAK" to GND

  • #define CCS811_ADDR 0x5A //Alternate I2C Address
  • myBME280.settings.I2CAddress = 0x76;