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The women softball coach has a career sub 500 record after 20 years, only finishing in the top half of the conference twice. She was involved in a scandal last year where she directed one of the coaches to pitch at players during batting practice for bad attitude. She received an extension over the summer.

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Cheap Jerseys china At least 469,000 farm animals perished in potentially preventable barn fires across America in 2019, according to the AWI."Such a massive loss of life that involves extreme suffering would be considered horrific and unacceptable if the victims weren't animals raised for food," said Dena Jones, director of AWI's farm animal program."Even millions of deaths are of little consequence or concern, however, to an industry that produces animals by the billions and views the life of an individual animal as having virtually no value."Michigan's total was buoyed by an April 30 fire that occurred at Herbruck's Poultry Ranch in Saranac in which an estimated 250,000 hens were killed: the largest reported fire involving farm animals this year.10 animals, including 3 giraffes, killed in Thanksgiving fire at Ohio wildlife parkMichigan was followed by North Carolina (42,500 deaths in five fires) and Pennsylvania (42,000 deaths in 14 fires). Of the 178 barn fires tracked by AWI this year, Ohio reported the most (20), followed by New York (19).Based on AWI's analysis, 98 percent of the animals killed in barn fires in 2019 were birds, mainly chickens raised for meat and egg laying hens. However, cows, pigs, ducks and turkeys also perished in 2019.Fires occurred in a variety of locations, from small hobby farms to large commercial facilities. Cheap Jerseys china

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wholesale nfl jerseys The All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Tuesday tasked its disciplinary committee to investigate nfl com jerseys the allegedly racist remarks made against Mumbai City FC's Serge Kevyn Angoue by Saudi Arabian referee Turki Mohammed Al Khudayr in an Indian Super League match. Mumbai City FC head coach Jorge Costa had alleged that the referee, who officiated his side's match against Bengaluru FC on Sunday, called Kevyn a monkey. "AIFF has received a complaint from Mumbai City FC against Saudi Arabian referee Turki Mohammed Al Khudayr for making racist remarks to Mumbai City FC player Serge Kevyn Angoue; in their Hero Indian Super League match against Bengaluru FC held on December 15, 2019," said the AIFF in a statement.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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