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If I were a parent who had a child who was unhealthy,my concern wouldn't just be "Oh now I have to buy more clothes" or something small like that. My mind would wander to the big topics, like how would their binging habits translate to them later in life, will they get diabetes, is there something I can do to prevent it, etc. So to me that is why I'm not surprised that the majority of people don't have a problem when it comes to familial support and weightloss..

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The ending is so perfect, and it needed to happen, especially in recent years with the changes in cheap jerseys circuses and zoos around the world concerning elephants. Dumbo and his mom freed to the jungles of Asia, with a large family of wild elephants, as Dumbo flies with joy and happiness through the waterfalls and above the treetops. And I have to say, it made me tear up.

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