Brewing Up

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November 2015

Friday 13. Nov, Zurich

Urs and Eugenio talk about stuff...

Weekend 14-15. Nov, RandeLab? to be confirmed


16-18. Nov, NanoTech Montreux

Eugenio presents poster

17. Nov, Zurich, CitizenScience Symposium, Zürich

"Freiheit für Bürgerwissenschaften - Keine Standardisierungen!" :-)

17. Nov, Zürich, Maker MeetUp Future Hub

Maker Meetup Zurich - Future Hub

18. Nov, HTGAA remote session

from where?

Engineering the Human Gut Microbiome

20. Nov, informal meeting on Swiss Citizen Science Network, place tba

official meeting postponed to ...

Bio-Hacking meets Citizen Science

21 - 23. Nov, Geeking session in GaudiLabs

Visit of Shingo (Ninja PCR) on Monday, 23. Nov

20 - 22. Nov, International Hackteria Society Meeting

we need to sit down and talk about many things...

See our gdoc