Brewing Up

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November 2015

Friday 13. Nov, Zurich

Urs and Eugenio talk about stuff...

Weekend 14-15. Nov, RandeLab? to be confirmed


16-18. Nov, NanoTech Montreux

Eugenio presents poster

17. Nov, Zurich, CitizenScience Symposium, Zürich

"Freiheit für Bürgerwissenschaften - Keine Standardisierungen!" :-)

17. Nov, Zürich, Maker MeetUp Future Hub

Maker Meetup Zurich - Future Hub

20. Nov, informal meeting on Swiss Citizen Science Network, place tba

official meeting postponed to ...

Bio-Hacking meets Citizen Science

21 - 23. Nov, Geeking session in GaudiLabs

Visit of Shingo (Ninja PCR) on Monday, 23. Nov

20 - 22. Nov, International Hackteria Society Meeting

we need to sit down and talk about many things...

See our gdoc