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(Weekend, 21 - 23. Nov, Geeking session in GaudiLabs)
(30. Nov - Save the Whales, ZHdK)
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dusjagr thinks about the [[Euglena Burger]].
dusjagr thinks about the [[Euglena Burger]].
'''Remote Sykpe Meetings'''
* Adeline Seah
* Markus Schmidt, [http://www.biofaction.com/ BioFaction]
* Justin Rousso, Genspace
* Thomas Amberg, IoT Geek Zurich, live to Bilboa Makerfaire
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=== 30. Nov - Save the Whales, ZHdK ===
=== 30. Nov - [[Let's Save the Whales Day]], ZHdK ===
[http://www.veli-amos.net/index.php?/projects/lets-save-the-whales-international/ Veli & Amos (but they haven't saved a single one yet!)]
[http://www.veli-amos.net/index.php?/projects/lets-save-the-whales-international/ Veli & Amos (but they haven't saved a single one yet!)]
[https://www.facebook.com/VELI-AMOS-206882656038737/?fref=ts Live on Facebook]
Whales are huge and we are only 2, we can't save them alone.
Whales are huge and we are only 2, we can't save them alone.

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November 2015


Hosts: Urs, Marc, Eugenio

To be invited: Bengt, Brian, Severine, Mark Semadeni, Andreas & Heidy, Sachiko, Yu Li, Boris, Stahl, Vanessa, Stefan Deuber,...

What is this all about?

Friday 13. Nov, Hardware Meetup, Zurich

Urs and Eugenio talk about stuff...


Weekend 14-15. Nov, RandeLab? to be confirmed

topics: Citizen Science an Alternative Overview, Let's make T-shirts!


16-18. Nov, NanoTech Montreux

Eugenio presents poster on Digital Bio Ecosystem and OpenDrop

Tuesday, 17. Nov, Zurich, CitizenScience Symposium, Zürich

"Freiheit für Bürgerwissenschaften - Keine Standardisierungen!" :-)


Tuesday, 17. Nov, Zürich, Maker MeetUp Future Hub

Maker Meetup Zurich - Future Hub


Wednesday, 18. Nov, HTGAA remote session

from where? Feedback from 11. Nov session: Engineering the Human Gut Microbiome

Topic of today: Computational protein design, biosensors and the protein-folding game

Friday, 20. Nov, informal meeting on Swiss Citizen Science Network, place tba

official meeting postponed to ...

Bio-Hacking meets Citizen Science

Weekend, 21 - 23. Nov, Geeking session in GaudiLabs

Urs is working on the dissolution of his silk, using LiBr... seems to work fine.

dusjagr thinks about the Euglena Burger.

Remote Sykpe Meetings

  • Adeline Seah
  • Markus Schmidt, BioFaction
  • Justin Rousso, Genspace
  • Thomas Amberg, IoT Geek Zurich, live to Bilboa Makerfaire

Visit of Shingo (Ninja PCR) on Monday, 23. Nov


Tipps from Mark Semadeni

Nannochloropsis GrowGreen Kit



19 - 21. Nov, International Hackteria Society Meeting

we need to sit down and talk about many things... Topic: WELTHERRSCHAFT

See our gdoc


27. Nov - Grounded Visions: Artistic Research into Environmental Issues, ETH Zürich

Co-curated by Boris Magrini and Jill Scott

Scientific advisor: Angelika Hilbeck


30. Nov - Let's Save the Whales Day, ZHdK

Veli & Amos (but they haven't saved a single one yet!)

Live on Facebook

Whales are huge and we are only 2, we can't save them alone.

It's not only up to us, we have to do this together, we need to work with people, we need your support, therefore we want to deal with pop culture, brands and fundings to create a movement.

We want to see where the limits are, we are interested in dangerous, uncomfortable moments. Saving something or somebody is often very risky and raises questions about life and death.

Whales are the largest living beings of our time, they need space and freedom to survive, in our case the whales can be a metaphor for anything huge, lively, mindblowing and free.

Whales live in international waters, there are no national borders. We want to take local stories and questions around national boundries beyond to a global, international context.

We have already started to create art works, exhibitions, songs and videos dealing with the working title 'Lets save the Whales International'. The goal is to create a full length film, that connects our art work, personal story and impressions to a whole piece like in our last film 'Style Wars 2'. Again its gonna be an art film, we are not literally gonna fight for the whales.

There are going to be several attempts to save the whales in an artistic way, by creating spectacular situations and getting the attention of the mass. The project will also use the language of activism and demonstrations, to the extent where it becomes absurd at some point and implies to other problems in our world today. We want to interview a variety of famous people we are are interested in, from different disciplines. There answers will lead us to new questions and tasks and so on.