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Follow CNN"Atletico got the big one in the last 16 draw," Marca says. "The champion from last season and the team nobody wanted to face after watching exhibitions like that at Anfield against Barcelona, a match that still keeps Culs awake at night," added the Spanish paper, referring to Liverpool's 4 0 win over Barca in the second leg semifinal at Anfield, which secured a 4 3 aggregate victory."If there is one thing Klopp's team has no rival in, it's belief."Rival newspaper Sport says this was one of the worst scenarios for Atletico boss Simeone, who is enduring a turbulent season so far as his side now face a "fearsome" Liverpool."It has not been a simple season for the team or for 'Cholo' Simeone, who has even been questioned due to the serious problems of his Atleti," the paper says."The Madrid team faces a very tough round against probably the most in form team in Europe. Without a doubt, Simeone's men have had the worst luck of the draw."Borussia Dortmund vs.

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