Bioelectronix for artists @ piksel09

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piksel09 | 19.11-21.11 2009 | Bergen, Norway | workshop accepted

see detailed description here

Bioelectronix banner.jpg


Day 1

  • welcome/introduction and overview
  • inputs from participants
  • intro to bioelectronix
  • webcam hacking
  • first views of the microcosmos
  • build a microscope
  • set-ups for extraction and isolation of organisms

Day 2

  • microscopy overview
  • how big are the things we want to work with?
  • improve microscope
  • urban micro_walk / collection of microorganisms
  • puredata for microscopy
  • silicone bioelectronix fabrication

Day 3

  • improve the microscope / leds, motors and sensors
  • design and build the bioelectronix device
  • Bio-Arduino / control your bioelectronix device
  • simple bio-sensors
  • bio2sound interfaces
  • sound2bio communication
  • observation and bio-hacking
  • brainstorm about concepts for installations/performance


See pd_microscope for different versions of the software



Living organisms:

Blades Biological

Carolina Biological Supply

Laboratory Equipment:

Ebay is your friend!


Tuomo Tammenpää

Marie Julie Bourgeois

Havar Eggereide

Dirk Schroeder

Nima Darabi

David A Rios

Vyendas Simbelis