BioPunk: Feed, Food, Fermentation

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We have several invited guests coming through Zurich on that weekend and are hosting a day of experimentation and discussions in Shedhalle. Join us

Date & Location

31. March 2019

Schedhalle, Rote Fabrik Zürich


15-18 Hackteria OpenLab Experiments

18-20 Guest Presentations

TeZ & Gaudi: Preview of their upcoming research activities

“For this year I want to do more of the beautiful things again. So for me this is in the direction of bio-feedback systems, aura imaging, experiments with water and photons, DNA... I have got some ideas there.” - Urs Gaudenz, 2019

Akos? (tbc)

Alanna? (tbc)


20-22 Food and Discussions


TeZ aka Maurizio Martinucci