Bio+Hacker+Art-Space Tour California 2012

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Bio+Hackter+Art-Spaces in western California USA

August 2012


Los Angeles

Cal LosAngeles.jpg

Los Angeles, 71km x 41km, 80 districts and neighborhoods. A huge flat grid. You need to get into the network to understand. We spent most time in Westwood (UCLA), Silver Lake (hippster and creative space), Venice (where the locals hang).

Cal NanoSystemsInstitutes.jpg

California NanoSystems Institute - CNSI
The NanoSystems Institute is a research facility at UCLA. Its mission is to encourage university collaboration with industry and to enable the rapid commercialization of discoveries in nanoscience and nannotechnology. The new complex built in 2007 is equipment with electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, X-ray diffraction microscopes, specialized optical microscopes, high throughput robotics for molecular screening and class 100 and 1000 clean rooms.

Cal CNSI Workshop.jpg

Hackteria Microscopy Workshop as part of the ArtSci Summer School

Cal FabLab.jpg

Kind of a well equiped FabLab at the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts (DMA). However the lab is not realy open access...

Printer in action video at:


Calibration Measurement. With a micro stepping motor driver a precision of less than 60 um can be achieved.


Screenshot with ReplicatorG and WebCam image


"Printed" sample