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For KC to be effective coming off the edge at his size needs to be quicker.Bowser is also gonna be used in coverage a fair bit which he already proven to be better than Correa at. You use the players at your disposal. Typically I rail on Ozzie for sticking too strictly to BPA but no one had any idea Zach Orr was about to leave a giant hole at MLB.

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Except he didn't. He went home to get MARRIED. And then he came back, and we went right back to living together. Trump and the republican party have been attacking democratic institutions for 4 years, and all they really need to enshrine and assure trump executive overreach can go unimpeded is a packed supreme court and a senate that is on his side. If he does win again, thats what he will have. That kind of danger is uncomparable to what bloomberg even comes to representing.

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They have a problem with the league losing a lot of their most senior officials over the past few years. There a relative lack of experience out there. It hard to blame the officials for quitting they arent paid enough to put up with all the negative press and social media reaction these days.

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