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Akash Hirosh

Dhruv Nawani

Nikhil Patil

Upasana Simha

Sandeep Mathew

Sanya Rai Gupta

Avni Sethi

Neha Bhat

Gautam Vishwanath

Krupakar Dhinakaran


-bacteria that prevents corrosion

-Time keeper or clock

-Combustible bacteria

-Related to weather - smell of rain

-Bacteria that is resistant to Scientific Probing/Instruments

-Mirror of bacteria

-Buoyant bacteria

-Interactive bacteria(painting)

-Another creature made from bacteria

-Bacteria and sound

 - Bacteria visualizations. (Both colour changes and 'choreographed' movement)

-Neuro transmitters- bacteria as sensors for emotions


-Bacteria that detects cravings

-Magnetic bacteria

-Self mutating Bacteria

-Lie detector

-Bacteria creates an identity

-Bacteria becoming material on death

-Constructing a 'Bacterial Ecology'

-Bacteria that acts like oil

 - A lubricant
 - A liquid that can withstand high temperatures
  • Facilitate a group of children to design their 'perfect creature' through visual/tactile media and then draw from these experiences and ideas to build another structure.
  • Basic information on micro biology-synthetic biology becomes accessible in the forms of brochures/charts/posters in the team's work space.


-May 15

-We discussed two Claire Pentacost Readings-Beyond Face and Critical Inventory of BioArt .

-The gist of the Pentacost readings were that artists work with the symbolic and that the Artist's consent to work and learn in public is important.
-We also discussed the political and cultural implications of Scientific Authority.
-We also looked at Tuur Van Balen's Urban Geography project
-Most of the Ideas[see above] today, dealt with the use of bacteria as 
   -a) A sensor or Reactor - (to Inputs,emotions,light..etc)
    -b) A Producer (of energy, proteins..etc)
     -c) A Material
-Is there Any way in which we can look at Bacteria from a purely non-symbiotic / non-anthropomorphic viewpoint?
-Can we use our technological "progress" to give a non-selfish gift back to our ecological siblings?
-Replace financial transactions with Bacteria


Art and Politics

Claire Pentecost::Beyond Face[1]

Claire Pentecost::Outfitting the Laboratory of the Symbolic: Towards a Critical Inventory of BioArt[2]

Donna Haraway::Speculative Fabulations for Technoculture's Generations[3]


GeneAeshetics, The Art of Joe Davis[4]

Adam Zaretsky[5]

Patricia Piccinini[6]


What are bacteria?[7]

Planet of the Bacteria[8]

Design & Technology

Urban BioGeography[9]

Designer Bacteria may have a future in Fashion[10]

Sunlight to Oil via Designer Bacteria[11] Research Studio[12]

Laughing in a sine curve- Abhishek Hazra[[13]


Harvard 2006: Explaining their process[[14]]

General Design Links