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As amateurs/novices,we hope to bring our training in the arts and design as 'outsiders' and (hopefully) critical thinkers to synthetic biology, which, no doubt is a powerful tool and paradigm in looking at the life sciences. During the course of the workshop we hope to not only learn the tools and techniques of synthetic biology and come up with a piece of life which reflects our concerns but also use the process to engage with the political, ethical and cultural implications of Synthetic Biology.


Akash Hirosh

Dhruv Nawani

Nikhil Patil

Upasana Simha

Sandeep Mathew

Sanya Rai Gupta

Avni Sethi

Neha Bhat

Gautam Vishwanath

Krupakar Dhinakaran


Click for a closer look

-bacteria that prevents corrosion

-Time keeper or clock

-Combustible bacteria

-Related to weather - smell of rain

-Bacteria that is resistant to Scientific Probing/Instruments

-Mirror of bacteria

-Buoyant bacteria

-Interactive bacteria(painting)

-Another creature made from bacteria

-Bacteria and sound

 - Bacteria visualizations. (Both colour changes and 'choreographed' movement)

-Neuro transmitters- bacteria as sensors for emotions


-Bacteria that detects cravings

-Magnetic bacteria

-Self mutating Bacteria

-Lie detector

-Bacteria creates an identity

-Bacteria becoming material on death

-Constructing a 'Bacterial Ecology'

-Bacteria that acts like oil

 - A lubricant
 - A liquid that can withstand high temperatures
  • Facilitate a group of children to design their 'perfect creature' through visual/tactile media and then draw from these experiences and ideas to build another structure.
  • Basic information on micro biology-synthetic biology becomes accessible in the forms of brochures/charts/posters in the team's work space.


Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

June 16th

Please look up this link before Monday. Special attention to restriction enzymes while you are at it!


It is helpful to have an idea of how the other teams are progressing. So, if anyone comes across interesting iGEM team wikis/sites - please put up the links here.

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Synthetic Biology:

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