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DMIP, PhIP, MeIQx, 4,8 DiMeIQx, IFP, TMIP, harman, and norharman were identified in fried chicken breast. Red wine marinades were found to reduce the formation of some of the HAs formed. PhIP, with a reduction of up to 88%, was the most minimized amine, although the formation of harman was enhanced..

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Musk guided in his tweet to the higher end of the verbal guidance on the call, but even if you call it the same guidance (which it not), he RESTATED GUIDANCE. That material information. Period. I took it; got credit for SOCY 101 and UNIV 222. I forget what all the other options were, but I pretty sure they were mostly like 200 level UNIV courses and I think like an ECON or two? Not a lot, anyways. Mainly I found it nice because of the community, in the sense that you basically get to be friends with everyone (even people you otherwise wouldn really talk to much) since there only so many of you, whereas in the fall that a bit harder..

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