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Two years back i chose to do art and leave science behind. Being a design student and interested in science always made me want to connect the two. BioMod was the ideal way to start.


Project 1: CIVIL WARS

It is a video game pack which consists of • capsule - virus detector, antigens, position sensors, kinetic sensor. • SD card - can be inserted in any gaming device.

The idea is to create a nano machine which can cure any disease inside the body. So mainly for kids since most of them are petrified by medicines and needles, our group came up with a nano sized capsule which can detect and kill the bacteria or virus present. The capsule with the help of sensors can tell the exact position of the bacteria. The same is projected on the screen ( eg. TV or laptop screen ) in an animated form to make it look like a game. Kids with the help of joystick or mouse can shoot the bacteria on the screen, the bacteria gets killed not only virtually but also in reality inside their body. Here the capsule acts like an antigen but its controlled by the patient.

This idea is based on the predicted uses of biomods in the movie " The Dark Secrets of Hendrik Schon".


This was more personal and crazy project idea. We were discussing how interesting it would be have a tattoo which can grow by itself.