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I don't believe any of the teachings of Mormonism but have passed through the various stages of anger. I can listen to a conference talk or speaker in church and recognize it for what it is. I am out of the bubble and see much more clearly. Agreed. I don't think the ZBS cut blocking style of the 90's is going to cut it anymore. I watched a good analysis with Pedersen, Jaws, and Baldinger on how Philly used RPO with last year en route to their SB victory.

Writing like a mad mad. My friends think I on meth because I just bouncing crazy ideas off of them. I also doing some art projects and collecting police body cam footage with my "guns and drugs" expert lawyer for a marijuana legalization push, Cheap Jerseys china authentic nfl jerseys for cheap but let be honest, Trump is cheap at $150k, I will just buy a god damn meeting and we have a party and smoke this legal weed with an executive order.

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And that is the point we have people working on that at the moment. But technology and science is not quite there at the moment to make it viable economically and practically. People do not want to know that if they really want to help stop how things are they need to stop buying shit..

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