An Idiot's Electrodibles Workshop

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Electrodible flyer web.jpg

Date and Time: Sunday 22. Nov 2020, 17h - 20h

Limited Participant, max 10 Persons

Please register by email to: [1]



Electrodible workshop offers an experiment with “edible” hardware that explores the limits of interaction of our body/tongue with electronic circuits and food. This probe into the edible hardware is also a celebration of the DIY culture of sharing behind cooking, but also Open Source Hardware that bridges the divisions between the kitchen, the hardware studio and the science lab. Electrodibles use the experience of candy cooking to engage with different science and technology issues in enjoyable and funny ways.

More info here:

About the Idiot(s) Zohar is working with us for the coming weeks, super enthusiast of DIY wearable electronics and making crazy circuits on stickers, lickable and many other do-it-yourself methods with photosensitive materials and etching chemicals.

We are happy to have him as a Hacker-in-Residence in our new OpenScience Lab here in Zürich.