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Day 4- Ganzfeld Experiment

Day 5-The art of Making Wine

We used 2 different techniques of making wine. One was, using purple grapes, and home-made method of making red wine.

The other method used was using green grapes to make white wine.

In both these methods, the grapes had to obviously be mashed along with the specified amount of sugar, and a bit of cinnamon and ginger (for red wine), and adding yeast.

Making white wine, however was a much longer task. We had wait for the boiled, mashed grapes to simmer for a bit, then mash the pulp again, and make sure that it was mashed completely.

We then poured 8 litres of the pulped grape, with yeast, into a dispenser and sealed it completely with cling film, and a lot of tape. We made a small hole on the top, where we passed a small tube through the cling film, which would take out the carbon dioxide from the grape juice, as the yeast works on the grape. And the other end of the tube is dipped in a disinfectant (vodka) in this case, in a small tumbler.

We then left this dispenser along with the tumbler of vodka and the tube connecting the two, in a dark place. And after about a month or so, the wine should be ready to be packed and sold!

Hopefully both the red wine and white should come out well, after following measurements correctly and also going through each of the steps and executing them accurately.

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