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Look, I'm not a fan of monopolies and anti competitive practices are a lot of what's wrong with today's economy. That being said, the arguments the merger are all of the form "more companies=more competition". The problem is that doesn't work with industries based on limited resources.

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I'm in the major, but idk what the difference is with the minor vs major like classes wise. It is an art degree, but the professors do expect good design work from you, they will give you constructive criticism and grade you based upon, but the assignments are usually fun and do require you to work on them outside of class a majority of the time because you can tell the difference in the amount of effort and the professors will be able to tell the difference as well. If you don't have extra time outside of class to be creative artistically and work on the assignments, I wouldn't take it as a minor, but if it doesn't sound like something hard for you it will be fun!.

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