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In the moment of major depression, your brain literally convinces you that no one loves you even if they say they do. It completely fucked up what this disease does. Lastly, once you kill yourself you just killed any hope of. On my mom side my great grandpa immigrated from Poland and "accidentally" fell on a pick axe in the mines back in the early 40s. And his mother in law immigrated from Czechoslovakia right before their revolution and based off of my grandmother description of her, I believe she was Romani. Black hair, dark brown skin, and green eyes..

A few years ago, I decided to not look at any of my opponent teams. I only know who are my players. I get excited when my guys are doing well. Right away, I noticed is that my anxiety increased and my thoughts raced. I had conditioned myself to smoke at certain times and my body knew when it was time. After I stopped, my body went into freak out mode.

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