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Can we make this Trump "nothingburger" moment? In that ever since Van Jones wrongfully called the Mueller investigation a nothingburger because he a moron, red hats and foreign trolls repeated that phrase over and over continually as if it was hard evidence. Let repeat. We gotta start making some of this stuff stick.

In a way, he is the perfect push back for them. And that why they continue to support him. They didn elect him for his policies. Not that they ever see a penny of that money if they asked for it, but still. It still not the law that I have to pay sales tax if I buy some random used item that you sell to me. Yet if I use teh internets to do it, I have to..

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And has been able to delve on lyrical substance on such as la cancion. I think your frustration stems from the fact that a good portion of the songs that are enjoyed by the mainstream is the over sexual songs, which is what the consumers wants to hear, so the artists will deliver that. Honestly, I enjoy seeing the boom of reggaton in America and how it has led to some to embrace and research Latin culture.

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