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PTsD − Piss Thurday's Delight

Part of Seeds of Contend / Bioassay in your own dirt

You probably once heard Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…

Imagine that for generations and generations in our ancestors to us today we have been forced to piss into a darkbox to get a (pseudo) diagnosis mixing our state of health, metabolic state, our future and especially the potential coercions that individuals/groups will then be able to exercise on us.

No, don't imagine! You have probably experienced it or will experience it one day soon.


As biohackers we will explore these social, biological and political mechanisms. We will dismantle and disassemble dark boxes

We start by reproducing the urine-based pregnancy test of the Egypt XIXth dynasty (-1296/-1186) (ref)

Barley [and] wheat urine-based pregnancy test

"Egyptian medicine incorporated many fundamental physiological observations about the living body that had been made from ancient times. But the Egyptians’ very complicated religion ruled all. For them, the distinction between life and death was of especially deep concern. The living body is warm, breathes, and moves. Death is the absence of these qualities, and the corpse is cold and still. The heart was the center of life. It is the source of life-giving heat and the house of the soul. The rapid beating of the heart in anger, fear, and surprise indicated that these emotions arose in the heart. It was believed that the pulse was the heart “speaking” to the rest of body through the blood vessels (French, 1978a)" THE RISE OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY. An Illustrated History Edited by Peter L. Lutz, PhD Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. Foreword by Bob Boutilier, PhD.

"The 19th-Dynasty Berlin Papyrus (Berlin 3038; c. 1250 BC; Wreszinski 1909; Bardinet 1995: 409-36), which comprises over 204 paragraphs, was discovered in a pottery vessel buried over 3m below the surface of the sand in the Saqqara region. Consisting, like the Kahun papyrus, primarily of gynaecological remedies and diagnoses, it is the only surviving medical text that preserves a reference to the scribe who composed it, described as ‘scribe of the sacred writings, chief of excellent physicians (swnw), [who made] the book’. A smaller, slightly earlier, medical papyrus at Berlin Museum (Berlin 3027) dates to the 18th Dynasty and has the title ‘book of protection for mother and child’." Ancient Egyptian Technology and Innovation Ian Shaw, 2012, Bristol Classical Press

What's in seed's root


Work forom: Fundamentals of Plant Physiology (Lincoln Taiz, Eduardo Zeiger, Ian Max Møller, et al.)

TL;DR: It's about hairs, root hairs area where liquid / nutriments are absorbed. The elongation zone, with root hairs, is the site of rapid and extensive cell elongation. Although some cells continue to divide while they elongate within this zone, the rate of division decreases progressively to zero with increasing distance from the meristem. Phloem-conducting cells also begin to differentiate in the elongation zone.

What is also deeply buried in the humus of our human activities are the legacies we receive and those we pass on -- We are inherited as much as we inherit, and risk is inherited.

What is also deeply rooted in our human cilia is our behaviour.

So, along with many other factorial hazards, we -- as a tiny group doing zany experiments -- have taken a long break from this PTsD project, a kind of dormancy. a break from the beginning of summer 2023 to the end of winter 2024 A break does not mean no activity...

We have also done a lot of work on seed dormancy (since the Baskin & Baskin point).

The tiny players who are trying to create and live in a community of practice need special conditions to come together and become active. This is what we've been working on so that we can resume our activities.

29 February 2024

The big stumbling block at the moment is the language barrier: we are not equipped to decipher the German of the Berlin Papyrus museum materials, let alone decipher the Papyri themselves

We've started throwing bottles into the seas of the zInternets…

Egypt XIXth dynasty (-1296/-1186)

In the medical Papyri of ancient Egypt, especially in Papyrus Berlin 3038 it has been deciphered and documented writings about the use of seeds for the "detection" of a condition, or change in quality, through human urine. For example, in the case of the first recorded pregnancy test was written around 1350 before the current occidental calendar :

Barley [and] wheat, let the woman water [them] with her urine every day with dates [and] the sand, in two bags. If they [both] grow, she will bear. If the barley grows, it means a male child. If the wheat grows, it means a female child. If both do not grow, she will not bear at all



Queer We Are!

At the very least, since the end of the Palaeolithic era, we have been breeding, cultivating and rearing plants and animals. Then we began to give genesis to ourselves in environments that we create.

A formidable economy of death and time. To dominate part of our environment in this way in the very time of the living we save it, we short-circuit it. What is a tool? A projection of the colossal time of the Great Narrative onto the infinitesimal brilliance of practical invention and use before wear and tear; it concentrates or folds millions of years into months.

One page condenses an immense amount of time. Including this page that you are reading, through which you are passing through a great human time.

We control origination by obeying its variations, by "disposing of its time".

In the chronology of the evolution of the species that make up our humanity, first came technique, then language, and now selection. We are therefore projecting " gigantically long duration onto our very short existence.

It's a formidable temporal shunt. At least with the ability to do it, we knew how to fold, hide, conserve, spend, wrap or develop time in an object, a practical or intellectual tool.

Biotechnology, which we are just opening up today, is leading us to manipulate (by hand) time that was once capricious. Condensing the colossal time of the 'Great Narrative' into the brevity of technological innovation is tantamount, here, to projecting a memory onto a birth.


Biotechnology is one of the ways in which we can control mutations that could previously take an unpredictable amount of time. We are born of giving birth. We are the kin of our daughter: technology - can we imagine a greater ambivalence?

So we've decided to re-engage. We are asking global questions about our influence on an environment that took millions of years to form.

Others have suffered before. Our great-grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters, our adelphes... Others before us have taken up the flames: GynePUNK.

Queer We Are is a sub-group of the PTsD which is responsible for identifying, exposing and dismantling the fabric of our own repetitions of the machine of oppression within our group.

Queer We Are!, Biopunk We Do! Hackalypse is coming!

7 March 2024

We received help after our bottles were thrown into the seas of zINternets.

Dr. Marc Brose was one of our rescuers.

The abbreviation Bln stands for "Papyrus Berlin 3038" and was introduced by Hermann Grapow in the "Grundriss der Medizin der Alten Ägypter". Today it is exclusively used with the number of the recipe/medical instruction of the papyrus.

For a French translation: "T. Bardinet, Les papyrus médicaux de l’Égypte pharaonique. Traduction intégrale et commentaire, Paris 1995, 226–227, 409–436, 451–453", also with a short commentary.

And Prof. Tanja Pommerening, former Professor of Egyptology in Mainz and now Professor of Medical History in Marburg is doing research and experiments belonging to the recipes and medical instructions.

We therefore agreed to set up a "Bln 2024" protocol at our next meeting. And also to start preparing a meeting with a demo during a day of speculative fiction in Brussels for the Eukarios festival, 24 to 26 May.

Re-inventing the wheel

We go forward and launch Circular Chromatography on our urine and also OHL SAUCE Centrifuge


Circular Chromatography

OHL SAUCE Centrifuge

Microwell party

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