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Research Papers:

  • Development of a Set of Simple Bacterial Biosensors for Quantitative and Rapid Measurements of Arsenite and Arsenate in Potable Water[1]
  • Whole-cell Bacterial Biosensors and the Detection of Bioavailable Arsenic[2]
  • Effect of Groundwater Composition on Arsenic Detection by Bacterial Biosensors[3]
  • Novel approaches to biosensors for detection of arsenic in drinking water[4]
  • Development of a novel biosensor for the detection of arsenic in drinking water[5]
  • Use of a luminescent bacterial biosensor for biomonitoring and characterization of arsenic toxicity of chromated copper arsenate (CCA)[6] NEW!
  • Gold Nanoparticles in a Simple Colorimetric and Ultrasensitive Dynamic Light Scattering Assay[7] NEW!

Writing a research paper: NEW!

Related Articles:

  • Standard methods for examination of water and waste water[15]
  • Biosensor - Wikipedia[16]
  • Yale - Remove arsenic from ground water using sea-food[17]
  • EPA - Publicationns[18]
  • Institute for Management of Information Systems[19]
  • Yale - Sustainable technique to remove arsenic from water[20]
  • Fast, easy, and highly sensitive arsenic detection with gold nanoparticles[21] NEW!
  • Real World arsenic detection - Isis Project[22] NEW!
  • Protocol for Sampling for Residues[23]
  • Methods for Sampling and Ananlysis[24]
  • File:Number of samples final.pdf
  • Standard Methods for examining water[25]
  • UNICEF-Monitoring Arsenic in water[26]
  • UNICEF-Arsenic Primer[27]
  • Water and waste water analysis[28]
  • Arsenic Detection -[29] NEW!
  • Marsh Test[30] NEW!
  • A Visual Method for the Detection of Arsenic[31] NEW!
  • Arsenic detection and site characterization[32] NEW!

Situation in India:

  • Arsenic contamination - Bihar, West Bangal - India Water Portal[33]
  • Arsenic contamination - Karnataka[34]
  • South Asia Pure Water Initiative[35]
  • India Water Portal - Kolar[36]
  • Twelfth Five Year Plan - Rural Domestic Water and Sanitation[37]
  • Block Resources Cantre fro National Rural Drinking Water Program and Total Sanitation Campaign[38]
  • Indian scientists develop arsenic detection tool[39] NEW!

Testing Kits:

  • Arsenator[40]
  • Arsolux[41]
  • Jal-TARA[42]
  • Prerna Laboratories[43]
  • Merck[44]
  • Hach[45]
  • ORLAB[46]
  • University of Cambridge[47]
  • Visual Colour Arsenic Detection Kit (VCDK)[48] NEW!
  • Arsenator®: Digital Arsenic Test Kit[49] NEW!
  • GAS-01 Arsenic Detector[50] NEW!
  • University of Edinburgh[51] NEW!

Testing Kits.jpg


  • Temperature Sensor[52]