Protocol of GV-Solitude 2016

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<---- GV-Solitude 2016

Other pre-discussion notes on gdocs.

August 20th 2016

Board members present: Yashas Shetty, Marc Dusseiller, Urs Gaudenz
Guests: Cindy Lin, TeZ aka Maurizio Martinucci
Excused: Sachiko Hirosue, Tobias Hoffmann, Pei-Wen Liu

  • Presentation of the International Hackteria Society (IHS) by Marc

  • Maurizio Martinucci accepted as a new member to the society - congratulations

  • Going through the protocol of the last "distributed" general assembly from 2015.

Protocol is accepted by 4 of the 4 present members.

- Short discussion about what is a Internation Hackteria Society project and who needs to be informed about the official activities.
- Discussion about the genereal role of the Society in the Hackteria Network.

- Information about funding in 2015, Migros Kulturprozent, 5000, & Migros GB Zürich 1500, Biofaction ca 400, 3181 CHF spent on Hydra, 1500 CHF spent on various activities, 3700CHF passed on to 2016.

  • Finances:

January, 1st, 2015: 0 CHF
December, 31st, 2015: 3700 CHF
In: 8000 CHF
Out: 5168 CHF

- Discussion about the money (10'000 CHF) of the Alternative Coconut Research Project that was run through the Hackteria International Society bank account. Decision: This is a purely financial transaction through the society bank account and is not considered a society project.

- General note: It is needed to improve the financial administration in the future.

The budget was accepted by 3 of the 4 members present with 1 abstention.

  • Changes to the constitution? Should be discussed in future.

  • Election of the president:

- Marc is applying for president by mentioning his ongoing engagement for the society and the network.
- Robertina, Sachiko and Urs refrain.
Marc Dusseiller is elected for president for the next 2 years by 4 of the 4 present members. - congratulation and thank you for your continued great commitment to the society Marc.

Election of the board members:

- Andy Gracy, founding member of the Hackteria International Society decided to step back from the board of the society. - Thank you Andy for your great inspiration to the society and the Hackteria network in general.
- Applying for a position in the board are: Sachiko Hirosue, Urs Gaudenz, Yashas Shetty. The suggested board is elected by 4 of the 4 members present. Congratulations!

- General note: The number of board members should be at least 5. Let's find new members in 2016.

  • Topics of focus:

- Website: Let's make a migration plan with steps.
- Keep working on Hackteria Redeployment Plan
- Creation of nodes by new members (fellows)
- Set up an advisor board

Up comming events and activities:

- Hackteria Network Mapping
- Visit to Japan (will it ever happen?)
- Landscape HackteriaLab (walked through)
- Alchemist Re-enactment
- Co-Production TEZ / boah / ...
- Bigger Solitude Event "Solitude & DIY"

Protocol by Urs Gaudenz, August 30th 2016