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Friday 19. August 2016

as part of GV-Solitude 2016

Preparatory presentations / discussions


TeZ start with an review of how he got into contact with free energy and making hydrogen with electricity. Hydrogen! checking the movie on Stan Meyers. Other ways to produce energy? Magnets! over-unity? Thermodynamics, never been updated... closed system? open system? Discussing about what is, who is the system. not 8 guys in a room, but we are the system.

TeZ discovered that there were a looot of people investigating.

Energy from the Vacuum, considered as the bible in the field.

then reading about bedini. discussing the motor, tez has built and it works. yashas: "how are you saying it works" Something is happening, charging, and it's cold.

then onwards to various other things. tesla things. avramenko plug.

i didn't invent anything. replicating systems, tweaking it a bit.

discussing energy patents and in US, NSA pending.


Review of 2015 till now, august 2016, from urs' perspective of hackteria activities. see slides and notes elsewhere.

Sachiko remote

urs: history writing / archibe is very important

Sachiko. She feels a bit out of it. general stuff is easier. taking french classes. working in hackuarium, not very fruitful sofar. collaboration with vanessa was nice, but rush (spring 2016). (february 2016) winter-school experience was nice in the sense, highlight shreyasi coming over, exchanged a bit with de meer, hackteria style last day public event went well. still this context... trying to connect with the academic, not doing so well. application to shuttleworth, not trying to condense what's easy to explain. step back and see why doing these things. (april 2016) bionet conference, signed nda, they want a way to share reagents, plasmid, they have a foundation, a hacker, phil ross et al. legal aspect, content curatorial, p2p and biology. the event was about getting feedback. (april 2016) calafou meet with mary. feels like needing a break from people. Yashas: come to solitude, since 2012. 4 years of students. Urs: do you do stuff beyond the school activity. people look into coliform, bring people to hackuarium, theoretically.... details. philosophically, biodesign has been become something very concrete, for me very boring. the dimensions of the project is not here at EPFL. it's pushed to be engineering... no time, no energy to...

Urs: what's happening at EPFL? loads of projects/experiments to finish here, due to move to chicago doing experiments like crazy. The End is Dec 31 2016. training in BSL1 by HR, training animal experimentation. HiroKouri, space that I have, colocatrice filled with furniture and will moved out. worried about share with vanessa or alone. i don't wanna be the suporting scientist to push out project from art/designers.

i wanna be in the board.

We should have representatives of the new burst of collaborations.

Marc: What is it's a platform for biodesign. it's not a branch nor a project, not attracts people who wanna stay.


the new website. going backwards... shreyasi and spela did an exhibition. new collaboration with former anet people. got some sponsored residencies, (april 2016) wolfgang spahn. invited to do workshops as hackteria (for 120 people... robots and theremins). (feb 2016) project with CUBE, Mumbai (science educators). go to public place on the street in bombay. i learned what's wrong with science eduction. got more active, do workshops at least every week. mostly us doing them, sometimes visitors came and did something.

TeZ: how many people in the lab officially and practically about 6.

the secret space program is on! satelite prototype, radio and all kinda shit.

shreyasi does a lot of water sampling and blablabla. we don't know what to do with it. we labelled it.

i am just doing really banal boring shit.

then more oveview of activities back to dusjagr's residency.

history of (art)science BLR, see slides. NCBS. a lot of art-sci collaboration, you go in for 2 weeks and it doesnt work. yashas was hanging out for 3 years to figure out wtf is going on. from IGEM and the NCBS collaboration, featuring dusjagr's DIY microscope in between. 2009-11.

autonomous public lab and then straight to mobile labs, field trip as a laboratory.

collaboration with sachiko, the goal was to get "real" designers into biology. it got a bit stuck with the arsenic

old school hackers.... gandhi made textile. just spin the wheel.

synbio is boring. the critDesign got it.. so we said fuck it.

and more... not commented for now. similar, mobile labs, genetics, balloon mapping.

now every sat is workshop, try to connect with these old school hackers.

The thing is we are inside the institution. very different than not being in. has advantages and disadvantages. the key is learn how to hack it.

method to work with scientist. do experiments for the scientist, that they don't wanna do, cos it's crazy or something.

TeZ about his other practice

no notes...


no notes...