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About me

24th May 2011


Hi there my name is Pranav.C.Raman and I am twenty years old. I have always loved Science but fortunately or unfortunately I am not a Science student. I took Maths, Accounts, Economics & Art as my core subjects during my 11th and 12th schooling in the Valley School K.F.I Bangalore. Even though I loved Science I never regretted not taking it as my core subjects, cause I always knew that Science is something that is in my blood and that I, would be able to get back to it when it was time.

Presently I am studying in Srishti School of Art & Design. I am really interested in art specially design and by design I mean product design. Over time my passion towards art has somewhere in the line pulled me back to science even without my knowledge. According to me there is a very thin line that divides art and science and I am in this constant search to break this line and merge the two. This is seeming to become possible to me through this coarse that I have opted to do. This course is not only teaching me science but also how to understand it as well as look at it from an artists point of view.

As for now I am really enjoying the course and learning a lot in a way that the knowledge that I am gaining right now will stay with me forever. I remember from my lower classes how I use to hate learning science from those boring non-interactive textbooks that the school forced us to study from. This is also one of the reasons why I didn't choose science during my 11th and 12th. But I must say that I am also blessed in a way for learning the same in a way that I am in this course thus its good in a way that I didn't do science before even though I loved the subject, or else who knows, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I am right now... --Pranav 08:58, 22 June 2011 (UTC)