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see some ideas on MobileLabs

Mobile Labs Hackathon

During the last years we have investigated various approaches on building and using various MobileLabs, MobileKitchenLabs in a hacked Angkringan, in Yogyakarta and Boxology. We explored it's uses at various festivals and conferences such as MutaMorphosis:Nomadic_Science_Lab#Nomadic_Furniture or Lab-in-a-Van for Ars Electronica's Create Your World Festival. It is time now to focus more in depth about these concepts and we are inviting artists and hackers to come and join us for a 1 week MobileLabs Hackathon in our new facilities of the BioTehna Lab II, Ljubljana.


Urs Gaudenz (CH) – GaudiLabs

Yashas Shetty (IN) – Art/Sci Bangalore (to be confirmed...)

Sachiko Hirosue (JP/CH) – BioDesign.CC

and all participants are mentoring each other

Schedule, 10 - 18. June

For one week we will collaborate on ideas of Mobile Labs, Lab-in-a-Box, Environmental monitoring for off-grip field trips, artistic projects and transportability of living systems.

"Official" working/opening times: everyday from 14 - 20h.

Hackathon Pre-Phase: 10 - 11. June

Monday 10

  • Preparation of the Hackathon venue at BioTehna & Kapelica Gallery
  • Shopping!
  • Arrival of Gjino and Lizzie (midnight)

Tuesday 11

  • Start hacking
  • Tentative Workshop at Aksioma: HiperOído*: DIY pick-up microphone
  • Paula's Performance and party in Cirkulacija2
  • UV Bug-hunting workshop in the Garden

MobileLabs Hackathon Phase: 12 - 15. June

Wednesday 12. June

  • 08 arrival of Urs, 8.12 get mobile lab
  • hacking
  • 16 Group Introduction/Presentations 1600
  • 18 Presentation about Frida by Luka Frelih, Ljudmila
  • 19 Remote Talk by Mac Cowell (US),, GeneFoo Personal Biotechnologies ~19:00 Lubjana time / 10 AM San Francisco time (1700 UTC) - google hangout?
  • 20 Evening in Cirkulacija2 / Rog

Thursday 13. June

  • hacking
  • 12 Field/lunch Trip to roznik

Friday 14. June

  • 08 arrival of Sachiko & Sarah, 8.12
  • hacking
  • Remote Talk by Andy Gracie (UK/ES), hostprods
  • 18 Round Table on OpenSpaces with Kiberpipa and Friends...

Saturday 15. June

  • 08 arrival of Stefania
  • hacking
  • 14 mini.workshop Lab-in-a-Box
  • 15 Glass Hacking & Aquariology

Lab-in-a-Box Workshop: 15. June

During this 4h afternoon mini-workshop theMobileLabs Hackathonians will introduce their projects to a group of students, artists, makers. We will make a small Lab-in-a-Box to take home and start your own citizen science and/or artistic research on environment, biology and life itself.

Getting mobile, Workshop in Maribor: 16. June

To test our mobility we will go for a field trip of research and workshops to Maribor and Vitanje. In Maribor we'll work with the local participants at GT22 on using living systems as inputs for visual experimentations, BioCinema, BioVJ, build microscopes, laser projectors and other experimental visualizations.

see more on BioKino and BioVJ, GT22, Maribor

Getting into the field, Research Trip to Vitanje: 17. -18. June

Now we are going off-grid! To outer space, into the forests and along the streams of Savinjska. Visit to KSEVT, Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies during the afternoon. Followed by hikes and camping in the forests around Vitanje.

Grand BioTehna2 Re-Launch Party / Artists Lectures / MobileLabs Vernisage: 18. June

Our prototypes will be shown and explained for the next couple of days in Kapelica Gallery.

Everybody is welcome to join us for an evening of Lectures by the participants of the MobileLabs Hackathon, where they will introduce the audience into their projects they have done in Bangalore, Switzerland and everywhere.

This evening will also be the Grand Relaunch Party of our new facilities in the BioTehna Lab II.

MobileLabs Exhibition: 19 - 24. June


BioTehna Lab II / Kapelica Gallery / Kiberpipa / GT22 / dusjagr labs II

Ljubljana, Slovenia



As we can only host up to 12 participant to work together in our facilites, make sure you reserve your place for participation.

Please register to participate by mail to dusjagr

Hackathon Participants


  • Kristijan Tkalec (SLO)
  • Marc Dusseiller (CH/SLO)


Part-time Visitors

  • Bengt Sjolen (SE)
  • Deborah Hustic (HR), I'MM_Media lab
  • Niko Klansek (US/SLO)
  • Paula Pin (ES)
  • Luka Frelik (SLO)

Remote Collaborators

Partners and Supporters


BioTehna is supported by the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. Part of the visit from Yashas Shetty is supported by Pro Helvetia New Dehli.

Information for International Guests

Getting there

From zurich/switzerland, easiest by night train. from other places check flights to Ljubljana/brnik or to triest or venice. we can help you with your booking and travel organisation. just contact dusjagr and jana


Ljubljana map.png

download map and more info File:Map biotehna dusjagr.pdf

  • BioTehna Lab II & Kapelica Gallery, Kersnikova 4, near Slovenska Cesta (main road)
  • dusjagr labs II & Residence chez dusjagr, Komenskega 13, near the Dragon Bridge and Market
  • Bi-Ko-Fe & Homestay 2, Židovska steza 2, corner to Gosposka ulica


Homestay 1: Residence chez dusjagr

shared kitchen and shower with main apartment of dusjagr

Antique Room

1 small, 1 large bed, water sink, mirror. antique!

  • lizzy
  • (Deb)
  • (Paula)

Small Room

1 bed.

  • Gjino

dusjagr labs II

2 beds, 1 sofa, 1 lab

  • dusjagr
  • urs
  • swedish hackers

Homestay 2: Bi-ko-fe apartment

2 rooms, 1 bed each, kitchen & shower

  • Sachiko
  • Stefania
  • Sarah

Homestay 3: Roro's apt

  • Yashas
  • Shai

to bring

  • sleeping bag for the camping trip
  • project material


BioHacker's Lab-in-a-Box

BioHackers lab-inna-box.jpg


Mobile Environmental Testing Kit

Kafi Schnapps.jpg

OD-Meters, such as the Kafi-Schnapps detektor aka Turbidity meter, see BabyGnusbuino



Mobile GeneLab


Putting all the gears you need to do gen testing in one mobile suicase.
- PCR (flat blower, LCD)
- Electrophoresis Box
- Transilluminator (with Web/DigiCam)
- Turbidity Meeter
- Cooker
- Centrifuge
- EPI Holder for Pipeting
- Cool Box
- Power Supply, Battery
- Gloves
- Paper
- Tips
- Pipettes (ev. Glas or 3D)

To start with, found this wonderful DelSey business suitcase. This suitcase has a great history as it was used back in 1980 by Telsy in Turin (Italy) for their famous "Mobile Telephone Encryptor" TDS-2003 (see picture and Crypto Museum).

MobileGenSuicase.jpg MobileCryptoSuicase.jpg

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Sketch on how the inside of the Mobile Gen-Lab could be arranged.
MacGenSuicase sketch.jpg

Mackenzie Cowell Lab in a Suitcase

Mobile Action Gears

Build truly mobile bio lab gear inspired by the famous Ghostbusters devices:

MobileAction1.jpg MobileAction2.jpg
Handheld mobile device for measuring, sample taking, sample storage, fridge and others.

As started allready back in 2010 at the HackteriaLab, work on lab in a back-pack.

Portable devices, body extensions, implants and other appropriate technologies.

Slime, slime guns, slime absorbers - "He Slimed Me"

Mobile lab on the road, in a containter, ...

Legislation & Regulations

How to bring regulated or protected technologies to the people? What says the law for different countries. What is prohibited or protected? What technologies or gens are patented?

Approximately 137 million people around the world consume arsenic contaminated water.
The project "Biodesign for the real world" is about detecting arsenic with a genetically modified organism (a bacteria).
There is similar projects like ARSOLUX with "patented arsenic-biosensor". They want to do measuring campaign in Bangladesh, Satkhira, Narayanganj, Chandpur, Pabna und Patuakhali...

What is appropriate technology and what is an appropriate use of technology?
How to democratize knowledge and how to take decisions, take action and be consistent.

Woman taking water from a water pond in Karnataka.

Selected quotes from
"Our biosensor bacteria must be confined because of its resistance to kanamycin [antibiotic]."
"Confined = existence of a physical or a chemical barrier between the environment and the organism."
"We have to name someone responsible of the biologic security."
"We have to notify the authorities what we are doing at least at the beginning of the activities."
"Furthermore, we have to think not only of the laws but also of the society..."
" avoid a potential scandal"

"Kolar district in Karnataka has a case of Arsenic contamination due to the nearby gold mines, and we will be visiting Kolar to understand the severity of the contamination."
"We would also write down certain questions that we would want to ask the locals in Kolar, in kannada, to acquire more information."
"We planned on doing a small workshop with the children who we would meet in Kolar"
"We could have a theatre workshop, as we would be staying with a theatre group from Kolar-AADIMA."

"We reached there at around 10..."
"It was a lovely place, very scenic."
"Not much arsenic was detected in the water, to our disappointment."


"Then Marc, who has already had conversations on potable water, asked - “why arsenic?”."


<a href=>moncler jakke</a> <a href=>moncler españa</a> <a href=>parajumpers jakke</a> <a href=>barbour mujer</a> <a href=>moncler niños</a>

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Schedule: 29. May - 11. June


HiperOído: DIY pick-up mikrofon Workshop

Schedule: 11. & 12 June

Some crazy concert in metelkova

Schedule: 12. June

BioKino and BioVJ, GT 22, Maribor

See more about BioKino and BioVJ, GT22, Maribor

Schedule: Sunday, 16. June

Venice Bienale

film festival isola

Shai Heredia will present some films there

Schedule: 6 - 11. June


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