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BioAutonomy exoglands/lista materiales


Clean and sterilize tools


  • Build a full equipment lab & basic mobile one easy to replicate (fluids & blood analysis).
  • CYTOLOGY imagebank, interactive mapping, Illustrated howtos.
  • Intersectional debates & viral reproduction of labs beyond the limits of the residency

Issues / Exams



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   Collection: Skin, nail, or hair samples are collected from the infected area on the patient. For skin samples, a scalpel or edge of a glass slide is used to gently scrape skin scales from the infected area. For hair samples, a forceps is used to remove hair shafts and follicles from the infected site. If the test is being sent to a laboratory, the scrapings are placed in a sterile covered container.
   The scrapings are placed directly onto a microscope slide and are covered with 10% or 20% potassium hydroxide.
   The slide is left to stand until clear, normally between five and fifteen minutes, in order to dissolve skin cells, hair, and debris.
   To enhance clearing dimethyl sulfoxide can be added to the slide. To make the fungi easier to see lactophenol cotton blue stain can be added.
   The slide is gently heated to speed up the action of the KOH.
   Adding calcofluor-white stain to the slide will cause the fungi to become fluorescent, making them easier to identify under a fluorescent microscope.
   Place the slide under a microscope to read.[2]

Hematology / Hemograma

virology in squirt and , diference between urianalisis, prostate fluid citology, fluids cultures, fluid anatomy of pleasure, uroginecology & proctology miths, morals. resexualize our glands and fluids. wetware.

Materials / Devices

3d printing devices


  • hacking toys for medical devices
  • Hacked Hard-disc Centrifuge
  • DIY Incubator construct a basic, low-cost incubator from parts commonly available. Incubators are devices allowing to adjust and keep environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration. They are commonly used to grow microbiological cultures, hatch chicken, or also to care for premature newborn infants. Unlike lab-grade incubators, the design we are using only allows to maintain constant temperature (it only has a heating element). In the framework of BioDesign for the Real World, such an incubator could be used for the following. continue reading here : BioDesign Incubator / IncubaLibre
  • Microscopy Station
  • urineanalisis
  • microfluidicx*

related with microfluidic research from hackteria network. Some other bad documentation on DIY Microfluidics

  • Microfluidic designs and techniques using lab-on-a-chip devices for pathogen detection for point-of-care diagnostics.

Crystal hacking

  • openQCM Open-Source Quartz Crystal Microbalance]] is a highly sensitive microbalance with a wide range of applications in chemistry, biology and material science.


Study Materials

Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests