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dusjagr in the wild


Summer Hacking Camp, 3 – 9 August 2015 @ Trenta, Slovenia

Day 1

  • Seting up the lab
  • Test Batteries
  • Burn some plants
  • Go for a Walk and discuss edible plants
  • Get the etching running
  • Make pifPlantAnalyzer with Dario
  • Notes on and photos of edible plants

Day 2 & 3

Day 4 & 5

  • more extractions...
  • trying various stuff with the Nitrite tests.
  • can we reduce the Nitrate to Nitrite with Zinc?
  • making rainbows to do simple photo-absorption
  • programming (see github) and assembling the photometer to measure the Nitrite Test (it's pink, means using a bright green LED)
  • photo-spectraaaal absorbtion goggle
  • some experiments with flame analysis. the coppric sulfate from the etching gives funny colors

Ideas about Plant Analysis

See more on Plant Analysis

  • Nitrogen content (Kjeldahl method)
  • flame analysis
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy or Photography
  • dry weight
  • Chlorophyl extraction
  • Total protein content via BCA assay or Bradford
  • and many more

Looking closely at Plants (and other things)

In-the-Field Sonification Experiments

PIFcamp Plant Analyzer

It's basically the same circuit as the NanoSmano Sajica aka Vive-la-Resistance. A basic 4093 single oscillator using 1 NAND gate and buffering the output through another gate to control the LED and further buffering it through a gate to be used as output for a piezo or read-out using the freqCount library.

PIFcamp plant-Analyzer.jpg

See more details and applications of the PIFcamp Plant Analyzer or other projects on Plant Electrophysiology.

New edition of a Mobile Lab

The Box


The Backpack

IMG 20150731 135223.jpg

The Setup

CAM00957 resized.jpg

Materials to get

  • 12V Batteries, different sizes (HTE)
  • 3 x Garlic Press
  • Mortar
  • isopropanol
  • centrifuge (Biotehna?)

Related earlier Projects

Mountain Labbing with staayle

Earlier sessions on Mobile Labs

During the last years we have investigated various approaches on building and using various MobileLabs, MobileKitchenLabs in a hacked Angkringan, in Yogyakarta and Boxology. We explored it's uses at various festivals and conferences such as MutaMorphosis:Nomadic_Science_Lab#Nomadic_Furniture or Lab-in-a-Van for Ars Electronica's Create Your World Festival. MobileLabs Hackathon at BioTehna Lab II, Ljubljana with artists and hackers to focus more in depth on concepts and field testing, see the impressions And see Doms Mobile vj lab.

And more examples here during HackteriaLab 2014 MobileLabs

Fashion advise for Field-trips


Wonosadi trip during HackteriaLab 2014

Cave Safaries, Slovenia


See more info about our first trips in Slovenia on


Mobile Lab Hackathon, Slovenia

Básica Transmutación and BiotransLab @ aRtropocode 2014, A Coruna

Hacking the Wild by Andrew Quitemayer et al ~ Digital Naturalism

Andrew Quitmayer's BackBack MobileHackerSpace

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