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Haku-teria-o | ハクテリア

Lifepatch Tour with special guest, dusjagr - Hackteria

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It's happening, dusjagr join Lifepatch for a series of workshop "Rumah dan Halaman" during feb 2017, mostly hosted at ICC, co-organized through Japan Foundation, and visits to YCAM, BioClub, Fab Cafe and Loftwork.

Hackteria Japan Tour

What is going on in open source bioart / DIYbio / generic lab equipment in Japan?

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Big in Japan

More than One Individual


  • BioClub 2F of / FabCafe Shibuya 'Open Bio Lab', Lab will officially open end of August 2016. Good for workshops, lectures, demos.
  • Tamabi Art University. Akihiro Kubota. Next to metaPhorest one the oldest bio hacker spaces in Japan. Recently upgraded.
  • 'metaPhorest' Art & Biology group in Iwasaki Lab, Waseda University (Tokyo, Tokyo Pref.) - "is a practical platform for artistic researches on biological/biomedia art and bioaesthetics, located within a biological laboratory at Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Waseda University. We provide relatively long-term (more than several months) artist-in-residence program for those who are interested in biology-inspired/aided/criticizing artistic activity, sharing biological facility, discussion, seminars with life scientists." Irregular'metaPhorest seminars.
  • Fablab Kamakura (Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref.) Connected to SFC Keio and 'Super-FabLab Kamakura'. People: Yumi Nishihara, Mio Kato
  • Hacker Farm - Akiba (Kamogawa, Chiba Pref.)
  • Leave a Nest - "science venture company" (Tokyo, Tokyo Pref.) - through Denisa
  • Empowerment Informatics program (Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref.)
  • Digital Garage Lab VC & Tech company, recently with a focus on bio. People: Halfdan Rump





  • Hideo Iwasaki (Tokyo, metaPhorest)
  • Shiho Fukuhara (Tokyo, metaPhorest, BCL, BioClub)
  • Georg Tremmel (Tokyo, metaPhorest, BCL, BioClub)
  • Chiaki Ishizuka http://nin0jin.tumblr.com/ (Kyoto)
  • Ai Hasegawa http://aihasegawa.info (Currently in Boston 2016)
  • Sputniko http://sputniko.com/ (at MIT Medialab, Boston)
  • Hanna Saito (Tokyo, metaPhorest)
  • Tomoya Ishibashi (Tokyo, metaPhorest)
  • Yuki Yoshioka (Tokyo, metaPhorest)
  • Hiroo Komine (ayurveda biohacker)
  • Aisen Caro Chacin, Tsukuba University
  • Nur Akbar Arofatullah from Lifepatch, (Ibaraki Pref.)
  • Takeshi Oozu
  • Maša Jazbec
  • Naomi Kuramoto
  • Shingo Hisakawa, NinjaPCR, https://github.com/hisashin/
  • shigeru kobayashi
  • Take - Masato Takemura http://www.take-space.com/



Possible Dates


August - October

Possible Programme

metaPhorest Seminar & Lecture YCAM Workshop(s)* BioClub Workshop(s)* Tamabi Lecture

(*) == paid

Travel Grants and other Funding

started to work on a piratepad