Instrumentales artísticos para la exploración submarina, Gijon

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Laboratorio abierto: “Instrumentales artísticos para la exploración submarina”

Dirigido por Andy Gracie y Marc Duseiller (Hackteria) y Jorge Chachero (DocumentAzul).

Horarios: jueves 25 septiembre de 4 a 9.30 hs., viernes 26 septiembre de 10 a 14 hs. y de 4 a 9.30 hs.

Este taller tiene como punto de partida la creación audiovisual submarina por medio de tecnologías de bajo coste y de creación DIY (o Hazlo tú mismo). Se dirige a todo tipo de público interesado en experimentar con la construcción de aparatos específicos de exploración subacuática, creados y desarrollados para la ocasión (como video-microscopios USB, lámparas o sistemas de iluminación, y cámaras web subacuáticas).

Participación gratuita. No es necesaria la inscripción.


Open laboratory: artistic instruments for submarine exploration

led by Andy Gracie and Marc Duseiller (Hackteria) and Jorge Chachero (DocumentAzul).

Times: Thursday 25th September 4pm to 9.30pm. Friday 26th September 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 9.30pm

This workshop takes takes as its starting point underwater audiovisual creation using low-cost and DIY technologies. It is suitable for all audiences interested in experimenting with the construction and use of specific equipment for underwater exploration, created and developed for the occasion (such as USB video-microscopes, lamps and lighting systems, and underwater webcams).

Participation is free. Inscription is not necessary.

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thursday pm - making

waterproof camera boxes

disposable camera shutter release systems

drag filters and mechanisms

encasing board cameras and other stuff in pdms

LED lighting rigs


testing for leaks and short circuits in salt water boxes (30g salt per litre water)

+ bonus evening squid filming session

friday am - using

field recording and sampling on local beaches and docks

friday pm – analysing

downloading, viewing and editing of footage

viewing of plankton samples under microscope

editing of footage into montage

printing select images

dusjagr brings:

some microscopes and dangerous chemicals

andy brings:

LEDs, PDMS, electrical wire, silicone sealer, disposable aquatic cameras, plastic sheets, plastic tubes, mirrors, steel wire, fine fabrics, tapes, araldite, small aquaria, printing inks, rubber gloves, pipe t-junctions, hose clamps, plastic boxes, webcams...

jorge chachero brings:

cool, semi home-made aquatic camera housings, miles of cable, waterproof cable connectors, lots of experience...

Impressions from the Workshop

Underwater WebCam Hack

DIY RC Submarine

RC submarine.jpg

Router - WebCam Hack

Router hack.jpg



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