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Welcome to HackteriaLab 2013 Bangalore!

Hackteria together with NCBS and Srishti school is honored to host this year’s HackteriaLab 2013 in Bangalore.

It is our great pleasure to welcome all the local and international artist, scientists, makers, hackers, designers and general public to join us in the exciting and intensive two-week interdisciplinary collaboration.

We wish you lots of great fun while working, hacking, assembling, disassembling, emitting, planting, growing, analysing, and tinkering. We also hope you will enjoy the accompanied events and additional programs as well as your stay in Bangalore in general.

We encourage all the participants to follow the the DIY, DIWO, open-source, free hardware ethics, and support the spirit of collaboration and the exchange of ideas and know-how.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all all the institutions and individuals who helped us spread the word about our event as well as all those who, actively or in spirit, support the realization of this great mashup of knowledge and experiences.

HackteriaLab 2013 crew

HackteriaLab 2013 crew / hackterialabbangalore@gmail.com

Yashas Shetty / +91 9620964238 / yashas(at)cema.in

Marc Dusseiller / marc(at)dusseiller.ch

Mukund Thattai / thattai(at)ncbs.res.in

Robertina Šebjanič / +386 41 360 177 / robertina.sebjanic(at)gmail.com

Shai Heredia

HackteriaLab 2013 Schedule

Schedule || अनुसूची || Zeitplan || スケジュール || Urnik ||Jadwal HackteriaLab 2013 Schedule

HackteriaLab 2013 Homestay

accommodation is provided throughout the whole lab at NCBS - http://www.ncbs.res.in/

solo rooms for participants // one apartment 2 - 3 rooms + kitchen

Map of venues

National Center for Biological Science, India (NCBS)

address: National Centre for Biological Sciences Tata Institute of Fundamental Research GKVK, Bellary Road, Bangalore


Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

P.O. Box No. 6430,Yelahanka New Town, Doddabalapur Road, (Opp. Wheel & Axle Plant) Bangalore


explore Bangalore / galleries / electronic & garden city

how to come to NCBS

from NCBS to IISe and back


look also at useful information at NCBS web site: NCBS useful information

Electronic shops in Bangalore blog by Ron Scneider


HackteriaLab 2013 Participants

List of all the participants / artist / scientists / makers / hackers / designers / activists HackteriaLab 2013 Participants.