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DIY Chip

Text and pictures from BonsaiBob

You will need


1. circuit board

2. semiconductor

3. ceramic caacitor

4. insulated wire

5. piezo speaker

6. led light

7. battery 3V/9V and battery connection

Piezo speaker.jpg


1. UV lamp

2. NaOH = developer, NaSO4 = caustic

3. abrasive paper

4. soldering bolt, solder

5. wire cutter

6. tweezers

Uv lamp.jpg Soldering bolt.jpg

Create a printed circuit board

Step 1: Take a photosensitive laminated PCB card and draw or fix the PCB layout on the card. (black pen or printed transparent sheet)

Printed transparent sheet.jpg

Step 2: Place the board under the UV lamp for about 2 minutes or go outside and expose it to the sun (exposing time outside depends on the intensity of the sun) - Don`t leave it to long exposed!
Step 3: Put it in a bath of acid (NaOH) - Stir every 2-3 minutes!
Step 4: Take it out, clean it with water and put it in a bath of NaSO4 - Stir every 3-5 minutes!
Step 5: Take it out and clean it again with water

The chip is now ready for soldering.

Prepared chip.jpg

Connect components with the chip

Step 1: Take the abrasive paper and sand the chip.

Chip with abrasive paper.jpg

Step 2: Bend and shorten the edges of the semiconductor
Step 3: Connect the semiconductor onto the chip - !Watch the direction of the semiconductor!
Step 4: Add the other components (ceramic capacitor, led light, speaker, battery connection)

Detailed chip.jpg Finished chip.jpg

Step 5: Connect the battery and make noise :D

Tipp: For a louder output use a 9V battery or connect the chip to an external speaker.

Chip with external speaker.jpg