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Documentation Project SkiPo

Lecture 09.05.2015

Skill Share

Encourage your group members to share their unique skills and determine what skill they may need to reach their goals.

Task2.jpg Task1.jpg

Knowledge Hunt

Find out what does your team already know - challenges you're interested in - solutions and what you'd like to learn.

Task Knowledge Hunt 1.jpg

Jam Session + Cull The Set

Create with your group as many ideas as possible, explore a range of different solutions and build up on these ideas in a supportive manner.

Look over all the ideas your group has created - set a focus on ideas that you wanna develop - think of the reasons why exactly this idea suppose to get a closer look.

Task Knowledge Hunt 2.jpg

Lecture 16.05.2015

Ideas Remix

Our group discussed toegehter different methods of realising our project in real life. As well as different functions the project should contain.

Ideas Remix.jpg

Mock Up Protoyping

During our Mock Up Prototyping Session we prepared three small models which are a simple visualisation of the human skin.

The fist model shows regular human skin with all its layers. The second skin contains a thin nano layer which is at that moment in the "off" modus because there is no impact. The third model shows the nano layer switched "on"where the nano layer and its molecules shock lock to absorb the impact energy.

Mock Up Prototype.jpg

The finished Mock Up has to be presented in a very short form in front of all the other students to show them our general project idea.

To visualise we showed the advantages of our new development "Skipo" (short form for: skin protection) with our mock up models. Our group showed how it absorbs the shocks with a hammer and that it is as well a protection against knifes. After that we got a short feedback and new input of ideas from our colleagues.

Mock Up Prototype presentation1.jpg Mock Up Prototype presentation2.jpg

After the presentation we got a short feedback and new input of ideas from our colleagues. They told as what they are thinking about the project, what questions do they have regarding our Nano layer and what kind of problems do they think of after the heard about the "product".


- When the skin reacts? Does it shock lock your whole body or does it react local?

- What happens with the skin when the person has an operation? Does it also get stiff? - This could be a real problem!!

- Can the person still feel anything or is it also a protection for pain?

- Has the engineered skin the ability to tell apart fun and danger?

Project Management


For the next two weeks we prepared a timetable and fixed the date where we meet up to discuss the following steps.


To Do and Name

We made a to-do-list and assign the tasks to the different people. The group voted for a name that describes our project and functions as well as the name for our group.

To do.jpg

The name of our project and group is: SkiPo SkiPo is the short version for: Skin Protection

Story Line

We designed together a story line of our presentation to structure all the information we want to show.

Story line1.jpg Story line2.jpg


The last task of the day was to draw some sketches and ideas how to show our nano skin and the way it works. As well we decided how to design our `final mock up model`

Sketches2.jpg Sketches1.jpg



How one could control the behaviour of the nano-particles

The structure of our nano-particles could also connect like in the video above

What other materials could be used

Skin Colour

Meeting 19.05.2015


At our first meeting we discussed again the content of our presentation because we invested more time in researching about the topic and came up with more ideas what we should include. Therefore we made again a short list where we show the different slides with the topics and their content.


Next discussion topic was the model and they way we exactly build it. We decided all the materials and the size and what the model should be able to do.


Model Making

During the week we collected all the materials for our model. (food coloring, plexiglass, sponge, hair gel, silicone)


For start we tested our "fake blood" out of hair gel, water and food coloring. The result speaks for itself ;)

Hair gel test.jpg

The next step was to cut the sponge in to the right size and create some boxes out of plexiglass. At the same time we added the different layers for the samples and made our final layer which should imitate the human skin. We also filled one example with our "fake blood".

Model2.jpg Model3.jpg Model4.jpg

Meeting 26.05.2015


In our last meeting before the final presentation we finalised the presentation and prepared everything for saturday. We discussed again important topics and collected information for the presentation.

NanoHacking Skipo.jpg


The last things were made for the final models. Hopefully they work as they should at the presentation. :)

Model final.jpg

Final Presentation 30.05.2015

NanoHacking Skipo.jpg

File:NanoHacking_Skipo_final presentation.pdf