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Documentation of Group 2

Build your Group & Skill Sharing

In order to find our unique strengths we presented our skills to each other. Accordingly we analysed which skills we have and which skills we need.

Foto 09.05.15 14 02 43.jpg

Knowledge Hunt & Jam session

Based on our skills we examined what we already know about the challenges we are interested in solving. Furthermore we developed first ideas.

Foto 16.05.15 09 41 30.jpg

Cull the set

To decide on which topic we would like to focus we rated the Ideas with nice stickers :-)

Foto 16.05.15 09 58 53.jpg

Thus we decided for "Smart Architecture".

Final Presentation

The final Presentation of our innovation process and our speculative ideas is held on 30-05-2015. Thus we will present on the on hand the process of innovation during this semester and on the other hand our speculative ideas. These ideas were derived during the innovation process in class as well as outside the classroom. Accordingly we conducted further research. The retrieved articels are stated in the Chapter "Research".

In order to provide insights into our research we developed a "prezi" which allows the reader to zoom into the research process but also to have a broad overview of the whole innovation process. This prezi looks as followed:

Innovation process group2.png

This process is based on the Frog Design (Collective Action Toolkit).

Besides the innovation process our speculative ideas are illustrated with a video. The following image represents one possible speculative idea in the field of smart architecutre (the window pen):

Window pen group2.png

This window pen is an abstract illustration of what could be possible. In more detail with the help of nanoparticles it could be possible to reprogramm the structure of the wall by painting it with the according nano-particles. In this case to make the wall transparent.


Beside the research process in class, we searched for further insights into nanotechnology and smart architecture. Accordingly we found interesing articles (some in german) as listed below:

NanoTech for Green Building

Nanotechnology - Innovation in Construction

Nanotechnology for Architecture

Unischtbare Revolutionäre

Smart and Nano Architecture