Day three, 17-01-2013- The Ganzfeld Experiment

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On day three we tried the Ganzfeld experiment to see if one could pass messages to another telepathically. So Radha Parulekar and I paired up to carry out the experiment.


-ping pong balls

-a blade

-surgical tape

-white noise recording

-bright source of light


The ping-pong ball was cut in half and each half was taped over the receiver's eyes(Radha Parulekar). She was then made to face a bright source of light and listen to white noise for about half an hour while the sender(myself) tried to send a set of images telepathically to her. Images that she saw were noted while subjected to the above and compared to those sent. The sender and receiver then switched places, the experiment was repeated and observations were noted.


1. the receivers mostly saw a lot of random shapes and figures.

2. almost about 50% of the images were seen.

I don't quite know what to conclude of this experiment. It didn't really confirm the existence of telepathic forces, as only parts of the images were received. It might be a possibility which requires further studies and investigation.